What is Operational planning definition/concept

Official document in which those responsible for an organization or entity establish a series of objectives to be met. In other words, it is an overall strategy that indicates what you want and what are the steps to achieve it. Normally, an operating plan is carried out annually and for this reason the acronyms POA are used, that is, Annual Operating Plan. Operational planning

The objective of any operative plan is the location , visualization and design of an organization. Obviously, this type of strategy is designed to achieve certain goals. It can be said, in short, that in order to successfully execute something, it is necessary to plan ahead. Operational planning

General considerations about operating plans

Any operative plan, whether it is a private company, an NGO or a public agency, must contemplate a series of ideals: Operational planning

  • – The operating plan document provides information for better decision-making in order to achieve strategic objectives;
  • – The process of preparing an operating plan can be summarized in three questions: What is the current situation of the company? Where does it want to go? and finally, How to reach the outlined objectives?
  • – The success of an operating plan depends on several factors. On the one hand, the document must be drafted properly and with the greatest possible rigor. Second, people related to the plan need to be involved in the project (the best strategy without adequate implication becomes wet paper). Third, the plan needs to incorporate elements of anticipation so that it can adapt to any type of circumstance. Finally, it is advisable that the plan is the result of consensus and participation of all people involved in the project. Operational planning

Possible errors related to operating plans:

  • – The first mistake is to carry out a plan but not believe in it;
  • – Any strategy or plan works well if there is a person who leads the project, as the absence of leadership weakens the effectiveness of any plan;
  • – If the available information is unreliable, the operating plan cannot work;
  • – Certain mental barriers become an obstacle;
  • – The organization systems must be operational and it is not acceptable that some functions to be performed are not available;
  • – If the work team is not involved with the plan, the project is likely to fail. Operational planning

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