What is 5W2H Plan definition/concept

This combination of numbers and letters is not a secret code, nor the name of a robot or anything like that. In fact, it’s a simplified way to establish a business project. With it, it is possible to clarify the real situation of a business plan. In this sense, the 5W2H should be understood as a management tool to define a series of aspects aimed at productivity. Like most terms in the global economy, its original content is expressed in English. 5W2H Plan

dismembering its parts

Number 5 refers to five questions that require a concrete answer.

  • – The first is what, in English, which means what to do;
  • – The second is w which refers to the question why or why;
  • – The third is where or where;
  • – The fourth is when or when;
  • – And the fifth indicates who or who.

All these questions have to be answered simply and clearly, as it is not a question of preparing a comprehensive report, but rather clarifying the basic concepts for initiating an action plan. 5W2H Plan

Then comes the 2H, which involves two questions : how much does it cost and what is the budget for the project (two Haga corresponds to how and how much in English).

Possible applications of the 5W2H plan

This strategy allows you to face different situations. In this sense, it can help to establish a plan to increase benefits, for the recruitment  of talent or in relation to a particular service offered to clients. However, this methodology is particularly useful for solving specific problems. In this way, when a problematic situation arises, the responses of the 5W and the 2H serve to find a solution. 5W2H Plan

This business analysis method is extrapolated to other contexts

Let’s imagine an athlete planning to set a record. First, he must know exactly what goal he wants to achieve. Next you need to know why you want to do it. You must then determine how prepared your goal is and when you will put your plan into practice. Finally, you will have to answer how. If any of these questions do not have a clear answer, it is very likely that the objective was not executed correctly.

studying its origin

The first time these numbers and letters were used was in Japan and as an action plan, more particularly in the production planning of the Toyota company. The initial idea of ​​this approach is simple: to solve a problem it is necessary to ask the most appropriate questions in an easy and direct way. 5W2H Plan

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