What is Consensus/meaning/concept

The term consensus is used to refer to the action in which several parties come to an agreement to satisfy everyone.

Consensus is a very important side of democratic life, as it establishes that every decision must be accepted by all members of a group, otherwise we would be talking about some kind of authoritarianism that is not beneficial for harmonious coexistence

To understand the concept of consensus, it is important to emphasize that human coexistence , unlike the animal, is not based on uncontrollable instincts and forces, but is organized around rational principles; this means that for many things in everyday life, two or more individuals can agree on what is best and most appropriate depending on the environment and context in which they are inserted.

The consensus establishes that the parties involved in such a phenomenon enter into an agreement, including those elements that are not fully satisfied, but that can reach a common denominator

Consensus can be present in many situations of everyday life, for example, when two or more parties agree on the price of a product, or on how to deal with a specific situation, among others. However, in some situations of political life , consensus is essential to transform reality into really useful changes. This is so, for example, when different political parties or organizations reach a consensus on how to deal with a conflict that is difficult to resolve; the same happens when members of the same party agree on the methods and practices to be followed in a particular situation (for example, the choice of a candidate who will stand in the elections).

Consensus also exists in the world of science and this is vital, as it means that when a theory is proposed or published, it must be accepted by the rest of the scientific community so that, based on it, one can continue investigating and solving scientific puzzles.

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