What is Secular Education definition/concept

The term lay education consists of formal education that lacks religious content. This type of education is normally provided by the State in a way that guides and reaches the entire population without the concern of teaching religion. However, it is worth noting that secular education does not mean that education is contrary to religious values, or that it is in favor of an agnostic or atheistic posture. Secular education is one that remains on the sidelines of debates and transmits a body of knowledge that lacks religious interpretation and is not contrary to it. Secula r Education

It is usually up to parents to teach the education they consider appropriate for their children. This type of circumstance is not a simple subjective criterion , but it maintains a deep relationship with international treaties adhered to by many countries. The duty to educate children is included in the human rights code . This circumstance is generally due to parents as the main stakeholders in the child’s well-being and who somehow seek the best education. In some cases, this situation causes schools to include some type of religious orientation accordingly.with the professed religion. If they do not accept the proposed religion, they can go to a college with lay training. This type of institution receives children whose parents belong to any religion or who lack any type of religious orientation. Secular Education

On certain occasions, some controversies were seen in relation to the content provided by an institution to its students. In fact, there are people with radical attitudes who want the education given to children to have a religious orientation whatever. This is due to educational programs that are run by the state. What is certain is that all types of education must respect the parents’ choice. In this sense, it is important to have a variety of institutions with regard to the religious orientation for choosing parents. Secular education simply complements this offer and opens up the horizon of possibilities. Secular Education

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