What is Green Area/meaning/concept

The green area concept has several different uses. However, in any case it refers to a type of delimited space that presents different characteristics in other spaces.

Urban planners plan the growth of cities through rational criteria

It should be noted that thousands or millions of people who inhabit a city have very different daily needs. One of these needs is to enjoy an open space with elements of the natural environment (trails, trees, vegetation, etc.). These spaces are known as green areas and in them citizens can experience a certain tranquility and get away from the stress of big cities. In a green area or space, it is possible to carry out all kinds of leisure and recreational activities, such as reading a novel in the shade of a tree, walking the dog, practicing outdoor sports, among others. Green Area

In military terminology

In armed conflicts there are extremely dangerous areas and others where the danger diminishes. The latter are known as green areas or zones. These are especially protected territories whose perimeter incorporates extreme security measures .

The signaling of space and colors

In a city, airport or map, very different information elements appear . In order for the information to be clear and easy to interpret, colors with a particular meaning are used. In general, each color is associated with an idea. Red usually indicates prohibition, yellow is a warning sign, blue denotes mandatory and green has positive connotations, as it is the color of hope. Green Area

In fact, in some cities, green areas are those where you are allowed to park your car and in some airports, green areas serve to signal the waiting room or to indicate that a place is intended for leisure and rest for passengers. In terms of safety regulations, the green color of an area generally communicates that it is a completely safe place. Green Area

The green from the point of view of psychology

It has been shown that the color of a product is decisive for consumers. And everyone knows that the use of one color or another we wear expresses our state of mind. Green Area

Green is associated with nature and the ecological, as well as with the idea of ​​freshness and good health. If the green is intense, it conveys abundance and if it is light it suggests tranquility.

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