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Green Area

A green area is more than a beautiful and leisure-oriented place. She is also fundamental to quality of life and well-being. After all, it leaves the air cleaner and helps to unload everyday stress.

Several locations are classified this way. Among them are parks, squares, sports and recreational complexes, etc. They all bring different health benefits. Therefore, there is a law that guarantees the construction of these places in subdivisions.

To understand better, in this post we will explain the importance of green areas in subdivisions and for your life. Look!

More about green area

A green area is a specific space in which nature and tree vegetation predominate. It is usually located in cities and helps to increase the quality of life of the population.

Due to their characteristics, these environments are free and for public use. Thus, the impacts of any work carried out, such as the construction of a building or a house, are minimized and the environment is in full balance with human life.

What are the benefits of green areas?

Law 6.766/1979 regulates the implementation of green areas in subdivisions. According to the legislation, this space is public equipment , that is, community.

Thus, the concept deals with a place with landscape treatment and destined to rest and recreation activities. For this reason, the law determines its inclusion in subdivisions.

The objective is for the green area to be another urban element. To be characterized in this way, it must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • existence of continuous vegetation;
  • absence of buildings, even if it is crossed by alleys, paths, children’s toys and other leisure facilities intended for public use.

In addition, these locations can be classified in three ways:

  • private and semi-public urban areas: this is the case of residential gardens and urban gardens;
  • public urban areas: these are parks, squares, botanical gardens, zoos and recreational and sports complexes, among others;
  • suburban areas : this is the example of the green belt, a green area that houses springs and has an area for cultivation.

Considering these requirements, the green area must be included in the subdivision project. Once it is registered, the site becomes the domain of the municipality. In addition to this legislation, it is important to remember the Federal Constitution . In Article 225, it is written that:

“Everyone has the right to an ecologically balanced environment, an asset for common use by the people and essential to a healthy quality of life, imposing on the Government and the community the duty to defend and preserve it for present and future generations. ”

Then, the Constitution defines what are the powers to guarantee the right to a balanced environment. Among them is the delimitation of territorial spaces to be protected.

When implemented, this place offers several benefits to the allotment and the city in which it is located. Among the advantages it is possible to highlight:

  • urban afforestation, which makes the place more beautiful, in addition to having a landscape function;
  • decrease in pollution due to improved oxygenation;
  • reduction of noise pollution;
  • reduction of external temperatures, because vegetation absorbs part of the sun’s rays and makes the climate more pleasant;
  • decrease in wind speed;
  • shading;
  • improved water balance;
  • shelter for regional fauna and flora;
  • appreciation of urban space.

Due to all these benefits, it is clear that it is worth making a green area and being in a region of the city close to such a place. So much so that research already proves this statement.

To give you an idea, a survey carried out by researchers at the University of Chiba, Japan, put a group of people to walk in forests and the other to stay in cities. The result was:

  • 16% of those who had contact with nature had reduced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone;
  • 4% decreased heart rate;
  • 2% had improvements in blood pressure.

Another survey proved that those who live close to nature are 21% less likely to develop depression . There are still improvements in:

  • sleep quality;
  • cognitive development;
  • Immunity;
  • heart and lung problems;
  • reduced anxiety;
  • muscle tension;
  • decrease in the possibility of developing diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

How to keep the green area preserved?

Everyone has a duty to preserve the environment. Several procedures help to keep green areas protected. The main ones are:

  • prune trees with splintered, dry, or rotten branches;
  • extract trees at risk of falling or phytosanitary problems without the possibility of treatment;
  • replace the extracted trees with new ones;
  • do crown lifting pruning;
  • take care of possible diseases and pests;
  • prune the bushes and keep the lawn weeded;
  • prioritize native species and diversify those intended for planting;
  • respect the local fauna and flora, because the animals help to spread the seeds. Just take care of specific needs;
  • keep the place clean.

What is the importance of a green area?

Having a wooded area close to home is to maintain permanent contact with nature. This brings the opportunity to take tours whenever you want, increasing your quality of life and well-being.

More than that, it is a chance to have leisure time with the family and teach children the importance of valuing the environment. This happens because all green areas have multiple functions.

In addition to bringing the benefits already mentioned, this place helps you escape your routine, relax and increase your environmental education. For the city, the green area is essential for it to be considered sustainable.

Therefore, when buying land to build your own home, it is worth choosing a subdivision built by qualified companies. Concern for the environment, quality of life and safety must be present.

This is how Ávila Urbanismo works! Focused on the balance between the environment and the houses that are part of the allotment, the company offers the best environments for your well-being.

This is the best way to live in a high-quality residential subdivision that allows your whole family to live well. After all, you will always have a green area at your disposal.

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