What is holistic view in corporate environment and its application

Holistic view?

The holistic view is nothing more than observing or analyzing something or some area of ​​activity or experience in a panoramic way , that is, as a whole and not in a disjoint way.

Still, it is derived from holism. A concept that emerged in the 1920s. Created by the philosopher Jan Christiaan Smuts, holism is an area of ​​science that seeks to understand phenomena in their entirety.

Currently, the holistic view is widely addressed not only in business management, but also in the area of ​​health, education, among others. This concept has proven to be fundamental in an increasingly globalized and competitive society, making a certain group work in harmony and for the greater good.

Holistic view in the corporate environment

In the business environment , the holistic vision, in a strategic way, aims to observe and manage in a global way. Through it, the manager acquires a deep knowledge of the company and its employees , facilitating effective decision-making, especially in times of crisis .

In addition, there is an improvement in the relationships between the teams and in problem solving, as the holistic view provides that all employees have a sense of belonging and want to do their best so that the company’s goals are achieved.

In addition, when the holistic view is worked on in the organization, all employees become fully aware of the strategies, activities, resources and information available, which will allow them to communicate better and carry out their work more efficiently, bringing growth to the business .

Holistic view of people management

Within the scope of people management , the key piece is the analysis and mapping of the behavioral profile . Since it is through this data that the HR professional can better understand the organization’s human capital , separate employees into groups, according to their profiles, in addition to directing actions and strategies for motivation and belonging, without anyone getting discouraged .

After all, people are different and react in different ways to the same scenario. In addition, all individuals have peculiarities, such as strengths, motivations, forms of management and communication, among many other attributions that are extremely valuable and must be developed by management, bringing benefits to both the company and the professional.

Therefore, with the help of state-of-the-art technology currently available in HR, the Human Resources professional can not only get to know their team better, but also automate various bureaucratic tasks in the sector.

Thus, HR has more time to monitor, through solid data, the performance of each team member and carry out a more strategic and effective people management.

How to apply the holistic view in the company?

Now that you know a little more about the holistic view and understand that it is a trend in the business market, we have prepared some tips for you to apply it in your company. Check out!

1. Perform company diagnosis

The first step in applying the holistic business vision is to know your company well. For this, make an analysis of all sectors, their demands and the profile of employees in each area .

In addition, try to understand the company’s culture, the organizational climate and how the brand’s internal and consumer communication is carried out. Being aware of how each part of the business works is essential to see the organization as a whole and direct actions and strategies that benefit the team.

2. Know your competitors

Studying competitors is a way to have a holistic view not only of the company, but also of the market in which it operates.

Through an assessment of the competition, it is possible to know what its employees are looking for in a company to work for, in addition to the needs and desires of the brand’s consumers.

Also, with this study, the HR manager can have insights to motivate and engage the team and other leaders can generate actions and strategies to leverage the business.

3. Determine the organization’s essence, mission and values

Why does your company exist? This is a question that must be answered by management so that the essence of the organization is disseminated to all employees. That way, they will know what the company expects from them.

Furthermore, it is necessary to determine the mission, that is, the reason that led to its creation. Last but not least, define the organization’s valuesHaving the values ​​well defined is essential for professionals to know if they meet their ideas, personal and professional purposes.

Thus, HR can be more accurate in the recruitment and selection process and also in other people management strategies.

4. Develop a business policy

So that the holistic view can be correctly applied in the company’s routine, it is important to have a business policy, that is, a manual of rules and process methodologies so that essential activities are carried out in the best possible way.

Corporate policy is a key part of having a strong company . Through it, all team members will be aligned with the organization’s processes and will know how to act in the most diverse situations in the company’s routine and also in unforeseen times.

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