What is Greenhouse Effect definition/concept

The greenhouse effect is known as a phenomenon through which certain gases found in the earth’s atmosphere retain part of the thermal energy produced by the earth’s soil after receiving the sun’s rays.

It is a natural phenomenon that affects all planetary bodies that have an atmosphere and prevents the energy received by the stars of these planets from being lost immediately.

In the case of the Earth, it has multiplied in recent years due to the excessive emission of certain gases produced by human action, such as carbon dioxide and methane. Greenhouse Effect

Causes of the greenhouse effect

The causes that originate the greenhouse effect are quite varied, although they can be differentiated mainly into two large groups : those that have their origin in a natural phenomenon and others that have been caused by the action of man.

Among the natural causes are all those that cause the emission of gases without man intervening in the process at any time. One of the most classic examples are volcanic eruptions, which emit large amounts of methane, ozone and water vapor, among many other gases that have a direct impact on the greenhouse effect.

Meanwhile, among artificial causes, the vast majority derive from human activity. Thus, it is worth highlighting deforestation and desertification, phenomena that increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Furthermore, many industrial activities are responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases through the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline, carbon and oil.

We can also add chlorofluorocarbon emissions (better known by the acronyms CFC) produced by certain electrical appliances such as refrigerators, as well as some aerosols and cleaning products that have a negative impact on the greenhouse effect.


Regarding the consequences of the greenhouse effect, there is no unanimity among the scientific community , although the current majority point out that this phenomenon is responsible for the great changes that the climate has been suffering around the world.

Among its direct effects, it is worth highlighting the change in temperatures and rainy seasons, the melting of polar ice caps, the increase in desertification and certain changes in seasons that affect the migratory and reproductive processes of some groups of living beings, in addition to other minor effects .

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