What is Dispersion definition/concept

The noun refers to the effect that takes place when various elements separate from their origin or nucleus and expand in space or time. Its antonym that best defines it is concentration, which accumulates in a single place or time. Dispersion

In relation to human beings

The concept of dispersion in the human context has three different meanings. First, it refers to population dispersion, a phenomenon that occurs when people live in large tracts of territories far from each other and not in a single community .

On certain occasions, dispersion is used to refer to the abandonment of a territory for some reason (the diaspora of the Jewish people is a clear example in this regard).

Finally, dispersion is spoken of as a personal attitude or a way of being, in this sense, when someone is not focused on what he is doing, it is customary to say that he is a dispersed person . This way of being can be symptomatic and is what happens with attention deficit syndrome or ADHD and can be treated with medication or combined with any psychological treatment.

In any case, people with dispersed behavior can have problems when carrying out their actions or carrying out their personal projects.

In some more specific cases, one can speak of the dispersal of an army’s troops or the dispersal of demonstrators.

Other uses of the concept

In the area of ​​Mathematics, this term is also used and through it the distance of any data on the average of these same data is determined. This usage is quite common in the terminology proper to statistics and mathematical analysis.

In the language of physics there are three types of dispersion:

1) particles moving in a certain direction;

2) in the terminology of optics it refers to the scattering of light in space that allows one to observe reality in one way or another;

3) acoustic dispersion, which is the one that shows how sound waves expand through the air.

In biology it is used in two senses:

1) dispersion in relation to seed propagation (which can be through wind or rain or through bee pollination);

2) the dispersal of any animal population.

In chemistry, dispersion occurs when some substances are displaced or diluted.

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