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A somewhat hackneyed claim is that knowledge is power, and although it sounds like a joke, it is totally true. In fact, the reason why in any culture older people should be respected and admired is for the knowledge they handle, since their wisdom and experiences could serve as an example to younger people. In this article we will make you known about the Famous scholars in history.

However, age is not synonymous with knowledge in our days, there are many genius children who have managed to reach the most prestigious universities and in the same way there are elderly people who have no idea of ​​many daily topics.

In ancient times they spoke of scholarship when someone conducted studies on many different subjects , but what was a scholar? Here is a description of this term and you will also know some of the most important in history.

What is a scholar?

When we speak of a scholar, we refer to a person who has been instructed in different disciplines, arts and sciences. It could be said that they were wise men who had enough fundamentals about different subjects, that they could present them properly . However, this qualifier could also be used with a person who has a broad knowledge of a specific science.

It is only by studying for several years that scholarship can be developed. It is not just an innate ability possessed by individuals or some natural talent, it is said that no one is born with enough knowledge and this is what could apply to the way of life of the greatest scholars in history.

Reading many books, documents, articles, reflecting for hours, having intellectual discussions with people who handle similar knowledge, all this can facilitate an individual to become a scholar.

In ancient times the figure of a sage or a scholar was attributed mainly to a man of quite advanced age to whom rulers and society turned for advice. In our times this figure at the social level no longer exists although politicians continue to have an advisor who is trained in different subjects.

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The Most Famous scholars in history

During all the ages before ours, there were different scholars who made a difference in some way. Of course they are recognized and remembered for the large amount of knowledge they handled and also left a legacy that has been very useful to this day. We will help you meet some of these great characters that marked history forever.


He was a Greek philosopher who in 387 BC founded the Academy, an institution that stood for more than 900 years . It is here where Aristotle , another quite important philosopher, came to study philosophy in approximately 367 BC Plato was a participant in the teachings of this institution and his writing was always in the form of dialogue, about different disciplines such as politics. , psychology, ethics, philosophy, epistemology, philosophical anthropology, metaphysics, cosmology, epistemology, cosmogony, philosophy of education and philosophy of language.

He also made an attempt to translate his political theory into a real state , that is why he traveled to Syracuse with the conviction of putting his project into practice, the two occasions he tried to do so he failed and he had to escape because his life was in danger due to the persecutions of The opponents.

Karl Marx

Of Jewish origin, Karl Marx was a Prussian philosopher, journalist, intellectual, economist, sociologist and communist militant . In his work, which was quite broad, he covers different areas of thought such as economics, philosophy, sociology, history and political science. His work was not only handled in the field of investigation but also put politics and journalism into practice; He proposed in his thoughts that theory and practice be united.

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Leonardo da Vinci

Born in Italy, Leonardo Da Vinci stood out in different areas for what is still remembered with great esteem, during the Italian Renaissance he was a great painter, architect, anatomist, botanist, paleontologist, artist, philosopher, engineer, scientist, urban planner, inventor , musician and poet . He met the qualifications necessary to be a scholar quite well.

He died in the company of Francesco Melzi who was responsible for the legacy of each of Leonardo’s projects. The first important works that Da Vinci had were created in Milan, later he continued his works in Bologna, Venice and Rome, and his last years of life were in France, since he was invited by King Francisco I.

As the concept of scholarship says, these three great men who marked a before and after with their studies, handled a very wide variety of knowledge for what they were considered as scholars and it was not because they had a capacity that allowed them this from birth, but devoted their entire lives to in-depth study of all those areas.

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