What is Authoritarianism/meaning/concept

Authoritarianism is an attitude in which dependent people must comply with all the rules imposed by the simple fact that the person who imposes establishes a high degree of authority over the other. Authoritarianism is placed with the concept of authority, since it is based on the fact of making decisions in relation to a common good and that it refers to subordinate people. On the other hand, the authoritarian person lacks empathy and appreciation for the responsible person.

From this perspective, it can be said that authoritarianism is opposed to the true leader and presents a distorted view

In fact, a leader is followed because it generates well-being in the people around him and because there is a demand for it. In human history, there are many examples where authoritarian government took measures that had drastic consequences, not only for others, but also for the government itself.

We can say authoritarianism has always existed, especially in the past, where a certain civil authority seemed to exercise extreme power. Over time, however, this type of political organization evolved into modern democracies.

It is true that some of the origins of democracy already existed in the past, particularly in ancient Greece, but it was from the current republican democracies that power was reined in, which would mean a misuse of this quality

In fact, modern societies emphasize the fact that authority is a form of service to others and if this criterion is not respected, it should be deposed in a corresponding period of time, either by a simple popular election or by the possibility of carrying out a judgment of a political nature.

There are other works that explain authoritarianism as a deviated political expression and the ways to deal with this type of circumstance. This problem is especially acute in totalitarian governments that have lost all sorts of restraints to their delusions. In a situation like this, it is important to understand that authoritarianism needs the cooperation of others to exercise its functions. In fact, passive resistance is more than enough to effect these regimes.

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