What is Granuloma definition/concept

Granuloma is a type of inflammation in a tissue in our body. This inflammation occurs due to the reaction of some immune cells that try to protect or nullify our body from a problem, as shown by infections. In this way, it acts as a defense mechanism for the human body, warning of the presence of a microorganism.

In popular language , granuloma is known by another name: tumor or cyst. They appear singly or in the form of plates. The diseases caused by it are known as granulomatosis.

The most varied granulomas have in common the possibility of developing necrosis, that is, the death of cells in a certain tissue. This situation is considered serious, as all necrosis is irreversible

Some granulomas develop by placing synthetic materials in the body (for example, silicone implants).

As it is an alteration that can affect different organs, there are several types of granulomas. Briefly, let’s name some of the most common types: Granuloma

The most common granulomas

Dental granuloma is related to poor oral hygiene. It manifests itself in the form of pus in the lower part of the teeth and usually causes pain when chewing or more sensitivity in the teeth.

Ocular granulomas develop because of eye damage, infection, conjunctivitis, or blepharitis.

Pyogenic granulomas develop on the skin and appear as a small reddened infection and are quite common in children.

Annular granuloma develops in the extremities of the body and usually appears due to a lack of collagen in our body. Granuloma

Pulmonary granulomas appear as a calcified nodule and are detected through biopsy. In most cases they appear due to infectious processes (TB cases are quite frequent).

Sperm granuloma affects the duct that passes sperm and is usually caused by vasectomy.

Facial granuloma is a dermatosis that appears on the face and is quite rare. Its treatment is performed with laser, a technique increasingly used, as it allows the destruction of the vascular lesion. Granuloma

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