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The term codification refers to the process in which a society is dictated by a series of laws and structures within a code . Despite several movements, codification originated in the 20th century as an attempt to obtain a systematization of law and reason in order to overcome previous times when its norms and methods were incoherent and unclear. Coding

However, in a broad sense, codification can be attributed to the beginnings of humanity, from the first manifestations of civil society. Thus, we can refer to the famous laws of Deuteronomy or the laws of Manu as the primitive expressions of an attempt at codification. In the first case, we are faced with a religious book that explains the relationship between God and his people, while in the second it is a text inscribed in ancient India that accumulates a set of rules of conduct .

However, the oldest example that tries to explain the codification is the so-called Code of Hammurabi, which dates back to the year 1760 BC. It was created by the Babylonian king Hammurabi and is one of the best examples of this initiative, as is every codification of antiquity that was considered to be of divine origin. It is said that the king ordered copies of this code to be placed in every square in the city so that each inhabitant would know it, as well as the punishment for each transgression. Thus, within popular language each criminal behavior and its consequences were expressed; one of its sentences was the famous Law of Talion, which states “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. Coding

Another attempt to systematize a code was carried out in Rome, with the culmination of the work Corpo de Direito Civil, carried out by Emperor Justinian during the fifth century after Christ, which consisted of a recapitulation of constitutions and a classification by matter.

However, codification as a movement would only take effect in the 19th century, when all countries in Europe and Latin America began to approve their civil codes and thus influenced the Enlightenment and its modern legal bodies. Coding

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