What is Multibrand definition/concept

The stores offer specific products. For example, a clothing store might sell items from a single brand. However, there are shopping centers such as “El Corte Inglês” (large Spanish department store ) that offers a wide catalog with offers from different brands. This is the case of a multi-brand store, where variety is the main advantage of buying there. That is, you can make comparisons to choose the products you like best based on price, designer and brand. Multibrand

Various brands in the catalog

The multi – brand stores can be located in the more commercial parts of the city and even in neighborhoods to offer a service of quality to potential buyers. In addition, it is currently possible to offer an online sales service for the simple reason that, through a virtual catalog, it is possible to visually inform the data of each item of clothing or accessories. It is in this sector that the idea of ​​a multi-brand project takes on greater meaning.

Many supermarkets also have a multi-brand essence because they sell products from different entities. In this way, customers especially appreciate the convenience of having a single point of sale with various consumption options. It should be taken into account that a customer can be loyal to several brands, choosing a product or evaluating other aspects. For this reason, offering the customer this opportunity to buy from a range of options is always a plus. Multibrand

multi-brand business

A business doesn’t make sense without customers. And, in turn, given the competition that exists in many sectors, each company seeks to differentiate itself from other projects. In a multi-brand store, it is extremely important to train store employees to be able to better guide the customer, as in this type of business there is a risk of problems in the catalog, where there is more emphasis on one brand than on another. Being multibrand is valuing the company, knowing how to sell each product within its strengths. Multibrand

One of the reasons why some customers decide to buy in supermarkets, such as El Corte Inglês, is because this is a possible point of sale for making various purchases: books, bags, jewelry, clothing, electronics, among others, in addition to a different theme with a wide variety of brands. Multibrand

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