What is Machismo definition/concept/elaboration

Machismo is the attitude or behavior that a person implements and where discrimination and devaluation of the female universe prevails , as a result of considering women inferior to men. However, it is worth noting that although this behavior is traditionally exhibited by men, it is also possible to find signs and expressions of machismo in women, especially in those raised around a sexist culture, considered superior to men.

For example, for machismo it is not good for a woman to work alongside a man, to be independent in financial terms or to develop at all levels – even if machismo is considered something primordial – taking care of the house, husband, children and everything that has to do with home. Obviously, machismo does not understand, does not support women in relation to studying a professional career and then exercising their work.

Naturally, machismo exists and reveals an enormous load of violence that can manifest itself physically or verbally

In the physical case, it can even revert to a danger to life, in which the woman becomes a victim. Psychologically, it can also cause serious damage through states of depression , decreased self-esteem, sadness, among others.

On the other hand, as the object of machismo’s attack is women, the devaluation of everything they do is also perceived in the feminine universe with all their strength

Therefore, it is very common that machismo insults homosexuals or metrosexuals, because of the excessive care with the body, physical appearance and because it is associated with the behavior of women and not men.

Although, nowadays, machismo has lost ground and is increasingly losing it, some cultures still observe and respect the worst of machismo, for example, there are places where women cannot participate in politics , which are killed in case of adultery, among other cases.

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