What is Social Construct/meaning/concept

The thought has a dual dimension, since it is individual, but at the same time collective. Consciously or unconsciously, every organized society creates structures of language and ideas as if they were artifacts. When this happens, one speaks of a social construct or social construction.

An analysis of fashion from the social construct concept

In relation to the way we dress, our clothes are not the result of a fully autonomous decision because it depends on a social construct, the fashion of each historical moment.

If a person were dressed in Middle Age clothing, we might think that it is a costume or someone who is in a film set in this historical period. This association of ideas has an explanation: this way of dressing only makes sense in a certain culture, as outside it it acquires a very different meaning.

Mental schemas are subject to a process of permanent change

This general idea is specified in the different looks over time. In the 50s there were certain social concerns and circumstances that ended up creating human archetypes, for example, mods and rockers.

Over the next decade, a sector of society built a new type of clothing and a hippie style. In the 70s the punk style emerged and in the 80s cyberpunk.

These image changes go beyond aesthetic appearances, as each urban tribe has its own ideas and values, that is, they are constructs created by a sector of society with which it is possible to express concerns, interests and feelings .

a stream of thought

The constructivist social theory is a field of sociology and a theoretical framework of epistemology. From this perspective, knowledge or a sphere of reality is analyzed taking into account its origin and its development in the social context. This means that human action builds any area or cultural dimension: a fashion trend, an educational model, a scientific theory or a popular festival.

Simply put, we could say that everything takes place in a sociocultural setting. From a philosophical point of view, social constructivism seeks to answer a general question: how do we know what exists?

According to the social construct, the reality of the world and individual thought are not determined by immutable categories of a divine or natural type, since human action in its complexity is what guides the various constructs.

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