What is Escape Room Traditional Outdoor and for Companies

Escape Room

Basically the meaning of escape room is a room and it consists of getting out of the room where you are locked up through brain teasers, puzzles and enigmas that you must solve until you find the code that allows you to escape.

Although they are common errors none of these variables skateroom, sky room, skey room, scape room and of course scaip room are not correct ways of saying ESCAPE ROOM.


The firstly it was created in 2006 in Silicon Valley by a group of programmers they called “Origin”. The mystery and challenges of the game were inspired by the works of Agatha Christie becoming a tourist attraction. The first live escape room , Real Escape Game, was not created until two years later in Japan by Takao Kato at the age of 35.
A few years later it became popular in Europe and the United States to this day, in which there are thousands of alternatives.

It is a game where logic and ingenuity are essential to achieve the objective of the game , escape rooms are by definition escape rooms or escape games where the objective is to escape from a room. In the rooms you will find riddles and enigmas that you have to solve to escape and get out before the end of time, the duration is 60 minutes as a general rule, although depending on the game the time may vary.

At roomboescape we think that escaping from a room limits the game a lot , so we escape from that concept by creating games without limits.

Now that you know what a traditional escape room is, let’s move to the next level!


The highlight of an outdoor escape room is that you don’t know what or who is part of the game .

The Da Vinci Code , The Search or any movie in the Indiana Jones saga , are based on searching and solving puzzles to reach a final goal and none of these movies took place entirely in the same room, as the events resolved the enigmas they were led to another location making the story much more entertaining. What if you could enjoy a story of these characteristics live and in the first person?

It is a game where the limits are not set by four walls, the city of Barcelona is our stage and the goal is not to escape .
Imagine a game where you don’t know if the man in front of you is a former KGB agent with whom you have to exchange a briefcase or maybe you have to go into an antique shop to pick up an ancient object or find and defuse a car bomb, in short, our escape rooms they will not leave you indifferent.

At Roomboescape we continually work on new escape rooms, we strive to make the experience as real as possible and have 100% immersion in the story.

Our outdoor escape room was born to give space to more complex stories, where truthfulness is our main objective.
Simply because a great story cannot be enclosed within four walls.

Now that you also know what an outdoor escape room is, we are going to explain the version for companies,


Within the activities for companies, the escape room format for companies has become very popular in recent years, Roomboescape being a benchmark in this type of escape room.

At Roomboescape we have several escape rooms for companies , the difference with escape rooms is that in this case the game is designed for large groups of 20 to 200 people , thus being a perfect Team Building activity.

Our escape room for companies is at home , so the activity takes place in the client‘s facilities or in farmhouses, conference rooms, hotels, etc… The tension is served by all the teams working simultaneously to solve the enigmas before they time runs out.

Our escape games for companies have been classified as excellent by companies such as Desigual, SEAT, Nestlé, Nissan, Casio, Planeta, Grupo chiesi among others.

Now that you know practically everything about the world of escape rooms, all you have to do is come and play!


The best thing about an  outdoor escape room for children is that it is not limited to four walls and children can enjoy using their ingenuity outdoors.

Our outdoor escape room for children was born to give rise to more complex stories, in which children can let their imagination fly and enjoy an adventure
that they will not forget, eliminating the limits that we find in a room.

We create adventures in which children are the protagonists in the style of a movie, the Da Vinci Code , the search or the famous adventures of Indiana Jones , in which they will have to search and solve puzzles to reach a final goal. So they can enjoy a story live and in the first person?

Imagine a game where you don’t know if the man in front of you is a former KGB agent with whom you have to exchange a briefcase, in short, our escape rooms will not leave you indifferent.

At Roomboescape we continually work on new escape rooms for children, we strive to make the experience as real as possible and you have a 100% immersion in history.

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