What is Escape Room definition/concept

The world of leisure and entertainment always comes up with new proposals. The Escape Room, which literally means “escape from the room”, appeared in 2006 in California, more specifically in Silicon Valey.

From virtual to real world

In its origins, this game was designed for virtual reality , as it was a video game inspired by Agatha Cristhie’s crime novels. However, in a short time it was adapted to the real world and nowadays the Escape Room is a generalized form of entertainment all over the world, especially among younger people. Escape Room

Currently, in most major cities, there are team competitions

game mechanics

A group of players is trapped in a room and the object of the game is to solve a riddle before an hour. The tests to be overcome are initially exposed by the organizers and can be of any type: games, riddles, puzzles, finding hidden objects, etc. Anyway, it’s about using the participants’ intelligence to find the solution to a mystery.

To make the game more attractive it is common to frame it in a specific context. In this sense, there are medieval, science fiction, mystery, futuristic, adventure, etc. environments. Escape Room

During the 60-minute duration, players are observed by the organizers through a monitor. So, if there is any kind of problem or players want to stop participating, they can get in touch with the organizers and finish their activity.

the keys to success

The Escape Room is an activity that attracts attention for several reasons:

1) participants must cooperate and work as a team to overcome the challenge ,

2) the game has a mysterious and enigmatic component,

3) intelligence is the determining factor to be able to solve the puzzle.

The success of this new form of leisure is based on the following ingredients: a good atmosphere , a challenge that is difficult to solve and the interaction of the participants. It can be said that the Escape Room has something from mystery novels and a game of intelligence set in a suggestive context, however, as it is a team activity, it is an ideal playful proposal to share time with the friends.

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