What is Diligent Etymology in Bible and examples


Diligent is an adjective to designate a person who works or acts with great interest, care and efficiency to carry out their work, tasks or orders . The word, as such, comes from the Latin dilĭgens , dilĭgentis .

It is someone who is fast, quick or light when it comes to doing things, looking for a solution or solving a problem.

A diligent person is one who has a favorable attitude towards work and obligations, who seeks to do things promptly, making use of his intelligence, with economy of resources and a high degree of efficiency.

Diligence is a quality that we can develop if we learn to manage our time and resources in the execution of our tasks and obligations. In addition, it is a fundamental virtue that helps combat laziness.


Origin, history or formation

This term in its etymology comes from the Latin “dilĭgens” or “dilĭgentis” adjective form of “diligĕre” which means to choose.

► dación Feminine noun. It is a term defined (in law) as the action and result of giving or giving, in paying…

Diligent examples

It is an adjective attributed to anyone who performs a certain activity quickly, effectively and responsibly. It is used to describe the quality of a person who is active, diligent, diligent, and caring .

The term can also refer to the quality attributed to someone who does their job well from a procedural and technological point of view. That is, it acts, at the same time, responsibly and without wasting time, thus being efficient.

Example: “The doctor was very diligent in her care” .

Example: “Gabriel is always diligent with his studies” .

It can also refer to any individual who can perform a task quickly.

Example: “Diligent, the firefighter arrived in time to put out the fire” .

From a moral or even religious point of view (biblical sense), being a diligent person is considered a virtue , as he understands that such activity is under his responsibility and is his duty. In addition, he also performs his duties with dedication, seriousness and enthusiasm.

Example: “He who works with a careless hand makes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich (Proverbs 10:4)”.

It is also used in the field of law to refer to the professional who performs his legal activities carefully and efficiently.

Diligent according to the Bible

According to Christian doctrine, being diligent means being responsible and consistent in our commitment to God, and honoring him in prayer, promises, and commandments, without straying from his word. It is stated in Romans : “Never stop being diligent; rather serve the Lord with the fervor that the Spirit gives” (12: 11).

Diligence, then, is a fundamental virtue in the life of the Christian, as it keeps him from laziness, keeps him focused on his earthly and spiritual goals, and allows him to go in search of faith, knowledge, moderation, patience and love. “The precious asset of man is diligence”, says the biblical text in Proverbs (12: 27).

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