What is Diligent definition/concept/elaboration

When a person performs an activity effectively, quickly and responsibly, we are faced with a diligent person. Usually this adjective is used to describe someone’s skill and attitude in their profession. However, this term can be used to refer to a student or any individual who performs an action with care and dedication.

A diligent professional is one who does his job well from the point of view of procedure and technology and, at the same time, acts responsibly and without wasting time.

diligence is a virtue

When we do something, there are almost always two possible options: one is to do it carefully and in the best way possible, or else with discouragement, apathy and without much precision. From a moral point of view , the virtue of diligence has several dimensions: Diligent

1) The person acts correctly because he understands that it is his responsibility and duty;

2) the diligent attitude is a way to fight laziness;

3) Enthusiasm is a key ingredient of diligence, because when you don’t have a real desire to do things right, things end up going wrong.

As a general rule, the diligent person has a high sense of duty, is thorough with details, adopts a positive attitude, asks if he doesn’t know how to do something, and has a desire to learn new things. These qualities are usually accompanied by high personal motivation. Of course, laziness, discouragement, and lack of rigor are opposite characteristics of diligence.

Typical phrases of people with little diligence

“I’ll do it tomorrow” (this type of statement reveals a tendency to procrastinate, that is, leaving things for another time); Diligent

“I leave at three and not a minute later” (for some, fulfilling their obligations is to do what a contract literally says).

“I won’t complicate my life by doing things that aren’t necessary” (this phrase is a clear example of the law of least effort );

“I’m not paid to be happy at work” (no contract says that it is mandatory to be happy and with a good disposition, but certainly a positive personal attitude must be part of any activity).

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