What is Biotope/meaning/concept/elaboration

As its name says, biotope means the place where life develops, because bio means life and top is equivalent to earth. In other words, biotopes are spaces where the development of some form of life is possible. In this sense, the idea of ​​biotope is equivalent to the concept of habitat.

The study of biotopes is part of ecology

The ecology is a discipline that is part of the biology and focuses on the study of ecosystems. Ecosystem is understood as the relationship between living beings and their natural environment. There are two main components in the ecosystem: the biotope and the biocenosis. By the first we understand the physical environment and its characteristics (especially the climate, terrain relief and soil properties).

Biocenosis is understood as the set of living beings that are part of an ecosystem. This means that the concept biotope refers to a geographical area and that the biocenosis refers to the living beings that are part of a biotope and the relationships they have with each other.

The link between biocenosis and biotope is evident, since a living organism acquires its resources within its own environment .

The fight for survival takes place in a certain place, the biotype

Living beings that interact in order to survive are related in a biotope or habitat. The biotope is the abiotic (non-living) part of an ecosystem.

The biotope has three dimensions: the medium, the substrate and environmental factors. The environment is the one that involves the organisms and there are three environments: the terrestrial, the aquatic and the aerial. The substrate is the element where living beings are located, for example, a rock, water, the body of other living beings or sand.

Environmental factors (also called abiotic factors) refer to the physicochemical characteristics of the environment ( atmospheric pressure , moisture content, soil salinity, hours of light or temperature ).

Environmental factors have the particularity of presenting tolerance limits, that is, a utility for each of the environmental conditions (besides this utility, the existence of life for most species is not possible).

Using a theatrical metaphor, it can be said that the biotope is composed of the stage and the decoration, just as the actors represent the biocenosis. All of this forms a theatrical representation or ecosystem.

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