What is Ecosystem definition/concept

An ecosystem is the conjunction between a given physical environment and the living beings that inhabit it. As for its size, it can be quite varied, from a simple weir in a prairie to a forest or an ocean . Even so, planet Earth itself is a large ecosystem known by the term biosphere.

The relationships between living beings

All living things are classified into species. Members of a species that live in an ecosystem form a population. In turn, the set of all populations in an ecosystem form a community . Ecosystem

Each of the living beings in ecosystems interact with each other in order to survive. Thus, predatory animals need large herbivores and these in turn need a lot of grass to feed.

The physical environment and its types

The elements of the physical environment of an ecosystem directly influence the living beings that inhabit it. Some of the fundamental aspects that determine the physical space are the following: degree of humidity, temperature , type of soil and relief . Ecosystem

The physical environment is divided into three fields: terrestrial, aquatic or mixed. Among the first, we can mention forests, thickets, deserts and jungles. In aquatic environments the most influential factor is salinity and light. Coast and humidity are examples of mixed environments. Ecosystemv

The issue of energy flow

Throughout the ecosystem there is a constant flow of energy . All the energy that living beings receive comes from the Sun. However, the energy received is then returned to the physical environment in the form of heat.

A plant, a bacterium or an animal receives energy from the Sun and this energy is later released from each living organism. In this way, the sun radiates the plants and they carry out photosynthesis to produce organic matter and keep their metabolism functioning. Likewise, the existence of plants provides energy for other living things.

Tropical forests are fragile ecosystems

Tropical forests depend on the shortest rainfall that occurs annually. The accumulated water keeps the physical environment in ideal conditions for the survival of living beings. This balance does not occur when climate change alters rainy periods.

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