Social Vulnerability definition/Social Vulnerability Index

Social vulnerability is the concept that characterizes the condition of groups of individuals that are on the margins of society , that is, people or families that are in a process of social exclusion, mainly due to socioeconomic factors. Social Vulnerability definition

Some of the main characteristics that mark the state of social vulnerability are the precarious conditions of housing and sanitation, the non-existent means of subsistence and the absence of a familiar environment, for example.

All these factors make up the social risk stage, that is, when the individual is no longer able to enjoy the same rights and duties as other citizens, due to the socio-economic imbalance that has been introduced.

People who are considered “social vulnerable” are those who are losing their representation in society, and generally depend on third-party help to ensure their survival. Social Vulnerability definition

Social vulnerability is not synonymous with poverty , but rather a condition that refers to the fragility of the socioeconomic situation of a certain group or individual.

Social vulnerability is measured through the poverty line, which is defined through people’s consumption habits, the value equivalent to half the minimum wage. Socially vulnerable groups find themselves in a sharp decline in the basic well-being and rights of human beings.

One of the most effective hypotheses to guarantee, in the medium and long term, the reduction of social vulnerability is the increase in schooling, especially the quality of education and culture.

Some sociologists believe that, by making up for this shortage and enhancing the professional opportunities of individuals, a large part of the other social problems would, as a consequence, be suppressed.

Social Vulnerability Index

The Social Vulnerability Index (IVS) is an indicator that allows governments to detail the living conditions of all socioeconomic strata in the country, identifying those who are at social risk and vulnerability.

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