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Biology is the science that studies living beings. It has general knowledge and has several branches, for example, ecology is a branch of biology and its objective is to understand the relationships that exist between living beings in a habitat. Ecology

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Ecology does not study living beings from an individual point of view, but rather analyzes the global reality . There are three levels of analysis. On the one hand, populations are studied, that is, the group of individuals of a particular species that live in a specific place. At a higher level, ecology is focused on knowledge of communities, that is, on the set of different populations normally related through food links (an example would be the African savannah, where populations of animals that create communities coexist and interact). The third level of ecology deals with the study of ecosystems, which are a set of interrelated communities, which in turn are found in an environment (such as river, forest and desert would be examples of ecosystems). Ecology

Each of these levels has its own mechanisms and structures. His study is of growing interest, since the planet is facing clear threats that threaten the balance of a part of ecosystems. For this reason, ecological groups have emerged in recent decades. These are groups of citizens that organize themselves to promote the preservation of ecosystems and the environment . The central idea of ​​ecologism is based on the consideration that man and his behaviorindividual and collective can influence the diversity of ecosystems. For the planet as a whole to be sustainable it is necessary to incorporate ecological criteria. Individual actions have repercussions in an environment and it is necessary to know which behaviors represent a danger to the ecological balance of a system . Ecology

Although ecology has a descriptive purpose, it is evident that it embodies a strong commitment to the environment. Ecologism advocates a social movement across the planet. Its area of ​​activity is very diversified: educational, demanding and political .

Thus, both ecology and ecologism are vital attitudes with the purpose of caring for the planet based on knowledge and collective awareness of the environmental reality.

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