What is Anchor/meaning/concept/elaboration

The objects around us have a utilitarian purpose. However, certain objects incorporate another perspective, their symbolic meaning. Thus, the anchor is much more than a simple piece of metal designed to fix a vessel to the bottom of the sea. It should be noted that a boat without an anchor inevitably flows and this circumstance is so evident that it serves as a metaphor to express any kind of idea.

A trajectory for its symbology

Among the ancient Greeks and Romans it symbolized hope, as the anchor serves to illustrate the idea that we must stand firm in the face of adversity . Also, it can symbolize the idea of ​​firmness. On certain occasions, the anchor expresses tension between land and sea, in this sense, there are images of anchors on coins, containers and even on some graves. One of the typical elements of Greek and Roman decoration is the dolphin and the anchor together, two elements that intend to communicate a motto of the classical world “festina lente” which can be translated as “hurry up slowly”, a phrase attributed by Augustus, first Roman emperor.

The Christian tradition has several meanings. On the one hand, most scholars consider that this symbol was used during the period when the first Christians were persecuted, as they were not identified in this way and could practice their rituals. On the other hand, it is an image used by Christians to graphically explain the idea of ​​Trinidad (the upper circle represents God, the arms of the anchor to Jesus Christ and the two doves on the lower part symbolize the Holy Spirit ).

In addition to the Greco-Latin tradition and Christianity, the anchor became a traditional symbol among sailors, especially in their tombs. Anchor

In the world of dreams and tattoos

In the world of dream interpretation , the person who dreams of an anchor must interpret that he is working hard to achieve something, on certain occasions this image represents a period of standstill or stagnation, in the same way that happens with anchored boats and remain immobile at sea.

Anchor is one of the classic tattoos. Usually whoever has a tattoo with this image wants to convey strength in the face of problems, the hope of achieving something or attachment to life.

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