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What is a round table/General characteristics/importance

What is a round table?

In general, round tables serve to promote debates between people specializing in a common subject. So, professors , students, researchers and specialist professionals participate in this type of event. round table

For example, in a Pedagogy roundtable, professors, undergraduate and graduate students , researchers and professional teachers can participate.

In the round tables, the public also has the right to ask questions and express their opinions. So, there is a specific moment when the microphone is opened to the audience.

The moderation function

There is the lead by a moderator, who introduces the people participating, introduces the subject and then manages the questions.

In other words: in the moderation role, the person has the attribution of: i) introducing the subject; ii) make clear the purpose of the round table; iii) limit the exposure time of each participant; iv) introduce the participants; v) manage the doubts of the audience. round table

Roundtable goals

So, in summary, the general objective of the roundtables is to expand scientific knowledge, discuss concepts, create new directions for some ideas and allow people to express their opinions.

However, there is also the possibility that the round table has the function of making a decision on a specific issue. So the participating people have the chance to democratically choose the future of some issue.

It is common for round tables to take place within other larger events . In other words, the programming of a symposium or a congress , for example, can comprise several round tables with different themes .

General characteristics of a round table

  • It usually happens within a larger event.
  • A specific topic is discussed.
  • The aim is to promote a debate and make some decision.
  • Experts are invited to participate.
  • It promotes dialogue about people’s opinions.
  • It has the intervention of a moderator.
  • It’s a scientific event. round table

Why is it important to participate in a roundtable?

Let’s list the main benefits of participating in a roundtable, both as an invited person and in the audience:

Greater chance of engagement

As I said, the roundtables have expert participants who interact with the audience. The idea is that even participants open spaces for dialogue with the audience, not just with the public that was invited to stay on stage.

So the chances of engagement in discussions are much higher. round table

After all, not only are all people interested in the subject, but they also have a lot of baggage to share.

Clear all doubts and talk about your difficulties on the subject

It’s a great option for you to ask some big questions for people more specialized in the topic, as there will be an opportune time to ask questions.

Enrich the Lattes Curriculum

Participation in round tables, as well as in other academic events, generates a certificate that can help to enhance the  Lattes Curriculum .

Get news and important points about the topic

An academic event is always a great place to find out about what’s happening around that topic, who are the people who are researching and writing about it, and what the latest findings are.

That is: it is quite interesting to stay on top of theme updates. round table

This is very important, especially in the face of so much content and information that we receive. If we were to search the topic on  Google Scholar , for example, it is possible that the result will offer trillions of different works.

So, the round tables are important events to filter information and direct the look to what is most important and most current in the subject, from relevant professionals in the area.

Favor communication between researchers

Furthermore, the roundtables promote dialogue and discussions from an expert audience. This greatly favors communication.

In other words, they help to develop networking and give the opportunity to talk about a topic that everyone is interested in.

Even because, it is possible that the event brings together all the people who are interested in the topic, but who develop research and work in different places, to talk about that specific subject. round table

Develop new scientific knowledge

And as if that were not enough, the results of the roundtables undoubtedly add important conclusions on the themes and generate new ideas to continue the research.

In fact, the round table can be the environment in which important issues are debated to reach a final decision.

So, it’s an important way to develop updates on scientific knowledge and advance science .

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