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Difference between liberalism and neoliberalism with definitions

The main difference is liberalism versus neoliberalism

The term “liberal” was derived from a Latin word that gives the meaning “free.” Liberalism is a political ideology that emphasizes individual freedom in relation to many things like religion, individuality, politics, thought, etc. Neoliberalism, on the other hand, mainly refers to economic freedom, and this concept originated in the 20s years. th century. The main difference between the two is that Liberalism is primarily a political theory, while neoliberalism is an economic concept. In this article we will provide you the difference between liberalism and neoliberalism.

In this article, we will look at

1. What is liberalism?
definition, characteristics, features

2. What is neoliberalism?
definition, characteristics, features

3. What is the difference between liberalism and neoliberalism?

What is liberalism

Liberalism can be defined as a political philosophy that emphasizes the idea of ​​freedom and liberation. This idea of ​​being free can be applied to many concepts and situations, but liberals pay more attention to democracy, civil rights, property, religion, etc. in general. It was during the Enlightenment that this philosophy of liberalism emerged, and a philosopher named John Locke is said to have introduced this concept. According to him, a person has the birthright to freedom, inherit property and lead a free life. Thus, this right should not be violated depending on the social connections of a person. Liberalists rejected absolute monarchy, state religion and the enormous power and authority of kings, etc. Instead of a monarchy, liberals promoted democracy. Liberalism attracted a lot of attention after the French Revolution. Europe, century; this concept has also become a key component of the expansion of the welfare state in Europe and North America. Today it is a powerful influential political force around the world.

What is neoliberalism

Neoliberalism is an economic concept that promotes free trade and the economy. This concept originated in the 20 th century. The main idea associated with this concept is that free economic policy should be the focus and government spending should be cut to increase private sector intervention in the economy. This was a massive change in existing economic policy, and neoliberalism mainly focused on issues such as privatization, reduction of economic norms, free trade, etc. Private investment in the market was viewed by neoliberalists as one of the most influential forces. They pointed to the importance of private sector participation in a free economy. However, the consequences of neoliberalism have changed over time. First, this philosophy was designed to avoid recurring economic setbacks,

Difference between liberalism and neoliberalism


Liberalism: Liberalism is a political philosophy.

Neoliberalism: Neoliberalism is an economic philosophy.


Liberalism: Liberalism mainly focuses on individual freedom of thought, religion, life, property, etc.

Neoliberalism: Neoliberalism focuses on free trade, privatization, etc.

A period of time

Liberalism: Liberalism originated during the Enlightenment.

Neoliberalism: Neoliberalism originated in the 1920s. th Century.

Current use

Liberalism: Liberalism is popular even today in many countries.

Neoliberalism: The use is rejected and the term is now rarely used.

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