The Mexican dirty war/time/place/causes/effects/winners

Dirty War in Mexico (1968 – 1980)

In the last century, the Aztec population suffered strong coercion or retaliation by politicians and military personnel of the time, the product of a series of provisions whose objective was to dissipate the uprising of opposition groups and innumerable guerrilla mobilizations to the policy of the Mexican state . The Mexican dirty war

This action was later known as the Dirty War or Low Intensity War due to the little diffusion or coverage that was given to it in the media of the mentioned country.

When and where did the Dirty War take place in Mexico?

Its origin or trigger was to act against an uprising led by General Miguel Henríquez Guzmán who, because he claimed that fraud had taken place during an election process, managed to motivate a large number of people to join his communist movement.

We can say that the period in which this war was active was quite long, from approximately 1968 to 1980 since during all these years, any uprising that arose was covered up or camouflaged with a rapid official containment from which they were victims of the state of Guerrero, Culiacán and Guadalajara . Despite these things, the hopes that the government would act and perform its job or function correctly remained in the minds of the people. However, this was getting worse over time, the number of actions, movements and groups that arose in the aforementioned places were increasing every day. The Mexican dirty war

Who participated in the Dirty War in Mexico?

During this conflict, different political and social groups arose: among these 29 guerrilla groups made up of approximately 2,000 sympathizers, as well as young students, working people such as railroad workers , peasants and also many other people who belonged to non-governmental organizations versus the government party and its political allies and the security forces they led and some conservative sectors of the Mexican population.

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Causes of the dirty war in Mexico

Disagreements of this magnitude seldom become unfounded for that reason, among some of the many causes that gave room or place to the formation of urban guerrillas and communist alliances that led to the so-called Dirty War, we can mention that they were:

  • Americanization or the cultural influence of Americans with claims to replace or change the natural culture of Mexicans.
  • The defense of the political, social and cultural ideology and the resistance to any attempt to modify it , by Mexico, which is promoted by the right and center right parties, also called conservative parties.
  • The defense of economic liberalism or the free market and technological development and opposition to communism as a form of state intervention in the development of the nation. The Mexican dirty war
  • The existence of a single party and the abuse of authority by the Aztec government and military forces. These arrested and punished without reason or valid motive by law. With excuses they restrained anyone who raised his voice against the state.


The unfortunate fact that civilians had to be armed with everything in their power to defend and assert their rights and ideals by their own forces due to the remarkable negligence and abuse of the government, resulted in six things that below we will be mentioning:

  1. Impunity in the country due to the deliberate massacre or execution and disappearance of people was not responsible.
  2. The establishment of neoliberal policies or measures that economically hit the most vulnerable population .
  3. The loss of hegemony by the government.
  4. The permanent fear in people of being arbitrarily attacked and punished.
  5. The innumerable violent events that left a huge number of disappeared , among which are some political and social leaders as well as students and part of their family who, although not directly involved, were taken in revenge or retaliation. The Mexican dirty war
  6. Momentary paralysis of academic and industrial activities and even religious acts , since strikes and protests were unleashed in all these sectors .


The way in which things really ended remains a mystery, some matters were left unfinished, although, according to the compilation of information and the editor’s conclusion, as in any end of a battle, it is always the winner who reveals all the details of the battle. history to others and even modifies it in their favor in order to raise their pride and achieve the admiration of others, and the state or government of Mexico being such a powerful and important entity, which did it through the media of communication of the country, we can say that the undefeated of this war was the government , all this is concluded supported by the “clarifications” that the same government released about this war. The Mexican dirty war

Enhance your reading: The Mexican dirty war/time/place/causes/effects/winners

Apparently, as mentioned by some involved in post-conflict interviews, there is a hidden story behind everything that happened and was made public in the media of the time and should be told. However, although they did mention it, a large number of participants did not have the audacity or the courage to do so, as they continued to fear for their lives, the lives of their families and even for their jobs and studies due to the terrible restriction they had placed. lived in the past and which they continued to keep as an authentic memory in their memories. No one was willing to face a long prison sentence again, the disappearance of close associates or to face and endure many other mistreatments that took place as well as death

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