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Substantivation of adjectives with examples

Substantivation of adjectives

The substantivation of adjectives consists of making an adjective assume the functions of a noun in a sentence or sentence. This process is also called adjective nominalization.

An example of the use of the noun adjective can be when instead of saying “the white horse approached the barrier”, we say “the white horse approached the barrier”.

Usually the function of adjectives is to act as direct modifiers of the noun, and they coincide with it in gender and number. When the adjective is substantiated, it is also accompanied by direct modifiers, such as articles, numeral adjectives, possessives, demonstratives, etc.

For example: instead of ” three blonde women entered the office”, say ” three blonde women entered the office”.

In linguistics, we speak of metabasis when one word acquires the properties or functions of another, as in the case of substantivated adjectives, the most common form in Spanish (although not the only one, since verbs , adverbs and prepositions can also be substantiated , among others).

Another way to substantiate an adjective is to use suffixes like -eza, -ez or -idad. For example: simple / simplicity; widow / widower; friendly / helpful. Substantivation of adjectives with examples

What is the substantivation of adjectives for?

The substantive adjectives work when both the sender and the receiver understand the statement without the need for the noun, either thanks to the context, or by linking with previous sentences. For example: “All the dresses were beautiful, but I preferred to keep the lilac .

They also work when the adjective property fully identifies the noun it replaces. For example: “I prefer a white to a red when it is hot.”

The substantive adjective also emphasizes a characteristic or quality of the replaced noun. For example, instead of “talk to the nice man,” say “talk to the nice man .”

Examples of substantivation of adjectives

  1. -How are you going to want coffee? -Give me a cut .
  2. His kindness never leaves him.
  3. The skinny man is a very good actor.
  4. The old people will not be in the house.
  5. With blue you can color the sea
  6. His clumsiness is insurmountable.
  7. They were three old greens lost in a crowd of young people .
  8. His good sense did not prevent him from being wrong.
  9. The new does not outweigh the old .
  10. Of those three car models choose the red without thinking.
  11. Verónica likes the weird , the exceptional .
  12. I would bet on the strong , sure he will win.
  13. Are the idle to the workers .
  14. The brunette can teach you to dance flamenco.
  15. See those surfers? They wait for a big one to reach the shore.
  16. Put the rapids to play as forwards.
  17. The last one happens shortly before midnight, we can wait for another train.
  18. The poor man was left without the goat and without the rope.
  19. The last will be the first . Substantivation of adjectives with examples
  20. Brown suits you better, although black combines more.
  21. His prowess was put to the test in the last competition.
  22. El Gordo said it will come after six.
  23. Many poor people could benefit from this measure.
  24. The smartest ones prefer to stay at the concert.
  25. Send the most cheerful ones forward to break the ice.
  26. If you need another blanket, take the white one , it is warm enough.
  27. He is a divorced man who is dating Ana.
  28. The tallest will go to the basketball team.
  29. The humble will inherit the land.
  30. The grunts are the ones who were screaming in the game.
  31. Order two reds while we wait for the boys.
  32. Only the best will come to this hunt .
  33. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  34. The little one is the son of Octavio and the big one of Mariana.
  35. Only the brave will achieve glory.
  36. In his work, the Spanish is always present.
  37. You will like Helena, she is an inexhaustible and interesting conversationalist .
  38. The restless are my children, can you call them?
  39. The most beautiful thing about this city is its architecture.
  40. Here is Raúl’s housethe white and blue one.
  41. That short guy works with me on the project.
  42. The African plays well, although sometimes he does not want to pass the ball.
  43. The lazy person is Carlos, he doesn’t want to work today.
  44. An acquaintance told me about your job in high school.
  45. The crazy woman took all my things off the floor.
  46. The world is one of the bold , but for a short time.
  47. The distracted are sometimes lucky in this world.
  48. You will see that he is a conservative when it comes to the feminist issue.
  49. Thanks for coming, and sorry for the bad .
  50. Truly, the strange thing is to see you around here.
  51. They say that there will be few undecided in this electoral contest.
  52. No one doubts his ability . Substantivation of adjectives with examples
  53. If we are going to buy a bed, I want a double bed so I can stretch out.
  54. Who was it that said this is the best of all possible worlds?
  55. He was a stranger when he started singing in cafes.
  56. Talk to Portuguese for that job, he might be interested.
  57. Green fits me very tight, show me yellow again .
  58. That scoundrel wants me to take him out for a walk again.
  59. My skinny girl is tired, it’s time to retire.
  60. Small is beautiful, as long as it is expensive.
  61. I swear, we ask for the last one and we go.
  62. According to Rosario, now the good is coming .
  63. Laila says that Ramón is a fool .
  64. Ten uncoordinated running after a ball, not agreeing.
  65. The unexpected arises precisely when no one expects it.
  66. He has become a prisoner of his fears and prejudices.
  67. The dishonest rule the world, but the honest sleep better.
  68. He says he’s the smart one in the family, but everyone laughs when he says it.
  69. God protects the ignorant , though not always.
  70. The grown- ups can stay home and take care of the little ones .
  71. As soon as you recover, we will ascend to the highest of the mountain range.
  72. My dear is waiting for me at the mall.
  73. If you do not present the report, you will be irresponsible .
  74. There have been many reckless ones who have gotten lost in these forests.
  75. If we are going to wear sun hats, I want the yellow one .
  76. He said that watching the movie without first reading the book was stupid .
  77. Ask the bald man if there will be a show later.
  78. Police say there is already at least one suspect .
  79. And do you know what was strange ? That I didn’t miss him.
  80. The redhead is reading a fragment of Cervantes.
  81. The good is always made to wait.
  82. Mine is the little one , the cutest kitten.
  83. What food will we orderChinese or Thai ?

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