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Modifier 25 examples/types/elaboration in sentences


In English grammar, a modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that works like an adjective or adverb to provide additional information about another word or group of words (called a head ). A modifier is also known as an attachment. Modifier 25 examples

As illustrated below, English modifiers include adjectives, adverbs, demonstratives, possessive determiners, prepositional phrases, degree modifiers, and intensifiers

Modifiers that appear before the head are called premodifiers, while modifiers that appear after the head are called postmodifiers. Modifiers can be restrictive (essential to the meaning of a sentence) or non-restrictive (additional but not essential elements in a sentence).

Modifiers are words of the subject of a sentence and whose function is to modify the core of the subject or predicate. This modification is produced by specifying characteristics of the said core of the subject or predicate.

Types of Modifiers 

Subject modifiers Modifier 25 examples

are those that modify the core of the subject (remember that the core of the subject is made up of a noun or a pronoun). In turn, the subject modifiers are divided into direct and indirect. Modifier 25 examples


  1. A hundred  blue birds   fly over the wide sea.
  2. Don Juan loves his children very much
  3. The baked mutton is very tasty
  4. The effort of the worker goes a long way
  5. The computer microphone is on the table
  6. The new monitor arrived broken
  7. The father of Mario returned from the hospital
  8. The foot Rodolfo is bandaged
  9. The mouse ran away from the cat
  10. The refrigerator is full of groceries
  11. The car clock is late Modifier 25 examples
  12. The Carlos has gray hair in CIENES
  13. The red cab came to pick us up
  14. The red phone  rings all day
  15. The work of Don José is very laborious

Direct modifier. Modifier 25 examples

 It is located just before or after the nucleus and agrees with it in gender and number. They can be adjectives ( The giant house was demolished ), articles ( The children are in the park ) or pronouns ( His car was damaged ).

  1. The television is broken.
  2. Your son will go to college next year.
  3. The old piece of furniture is in the garage.
  4. My paternal grandfather was born in Hungary.
  5. The good new is we will tell the toast. Modifier 25 examples
  6. My grandmother made me a stew.
  7. The ancient Egyptian pyramids blew me away.
  8. The cubs are barely two weeks old.
  9. Their cakes are delicious.
  10. The modern building will be inaugurated next week.
  11. The great news is that we are going to live in Paris.
  12. The library remains open until 00:00.
  13. Days ago, the acting president gave a press conference.
  14. The week last was an ordeal in the office.
  15. My younger children are coming to visit me tomorrow.

Indirect modifier. Modifier 25 examples

It is connected to the nucleus by means of a subordinate nexus (represented by a preposition ). For example:  My father’s bicycle is very tall.

  1. The cabin with three rooms was rented.
  2. The party for me to fire him will be on Saturday.
  3. The water for the tea is now ready. Modifier 25 examples
  4. piece of paper will be enough to wrap these avocados.
  5. My article on the presidential election was a success.
  6. The suit my father is enormous.
  7. The allegations of theft decreased this year.
  8. The girl under the awning goes with me to school.
  9. The medical books are on that shelf.
  10. The dog food is in the green bin.
  11. The lady without an umbrella is my mother.
  12. The flowers for my girlfriend faded.
  13. The exam to enter the Faculty of Medicine is very difficult.
  14. All the songs on this Beatles album are beautiful.
  15. The fluff under the couch appears every week.

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