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Examples of countable and uncountable nouns definitions

Countable and uncountable nouns 

The countable nouns are those nouns that can be separated into units, that is, they are entities that can be counted. For example: pencil, bed, glass. Here we will provide you the Examples of countable and uncountable nouns.

The uncountable nouns are those substantive designating unit entities that have or have not plural. For example, there is no such thing as the plural of Paris or the plural of John . Uncountable nouns can be both concrete nounswater, salt ) and abstract nouns ( intelligence, bravery ).

Countable nouns include nouns denoting animate and inanimate objects, concepts and phenomena that can be counted.

For example: two dogs, five books, three dreams, four earthquakes.

Uncountable nouns include nouns denoting animate and inanimate objects, concepts and phenomena that cannot be counted individually. Uncountable nouns usually denote some mass / substance (water, salt, meat).

Examples of countable nouns  

  1. Could you give me an apple ?
  2. In the box there are two combs .
  3. This month we sold two hundred kilos of flour.
  4. The building has ten windows in the front.
  5. There are eight offices on this floor .
  6. Two men came to see him.
  7. Those five students were punished.
  8. Twenty hectares of fields were burned .
  9. They got three loaves of bread.
  10. This is the second time you lose one
  11. We traveled thirty kilometers .
  12. There are twenty houses on this street .
  13. They ate half a block of cheese.
  14. The table is sold with six
  15. It is necessary to take two liters of water.
  16. The viewpoints are at three heights
  17. Prepare two beds for the visitors .
  18. That family has five
  19. I’ve already broken three plates .
  20. We have seen each other two weeks ago .

Examples of uncountable nouns 

  1. You use too much oil in your preparations.
  2. The water is cool.
  3. The air was still.
  4. Wounds need to be disinfected with alcohol .
  5. Joy. The house was filled with joy with the arrival of the children.
  6. He described an intense burning in his stomach.
  7. Take off your shoes or you’ll fill the house with sand .
  8. A plate of rice was prepared .
  9. Sugar. Add one hundred grams of sugar .
  10. I don’t like his face, he has a lot of beard .
  11. I will always thank you for your kindness .
  12. The glare of the sun can be harmful to the eyes.
  13. Coffee. A cup of coffee please.
  14. They decided to go into the sea because it was very hot .
  15. They bought two kilos of meat .
  16. It takes a lot of courage to take that step.
  17. His face showed his happiness .
  18. We are much away .
  19. Energy. These devices use energy from the sun.
  20. The gasoline is very expensive.

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