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Active voice

Active voice?

A sentence can express an Action carried out by a Subject , and the Object on which the Action is performed can also be included .

The concept of active voice appears in the field of grammar and is linked to a way to conjugate verbs. Also known as direct voice , the active voice refers to an agent subject that executes an action. In the case of the passive voice , however, the action is suffered by the subject ( patient subject ).

The active voice is characterized by a specific order of those elements of the sentence:

Active voice: subject + verb + object
For example: My sister bought the cake.

Examples of active voice

  1. The children broke the glass.
  2. Someone stole my wallet.
  3. The teacher congratulates the student.
  4. Juan wrote the best monograph.
  5. Someone betrayed the assailants.
  6. The computer altered the files.
  7. Laura builds a house for her dolls.
  8. The State will issue new tickets.
  9. The police investigate a possible fraud.
  10. A local company built my house.
  11. The restaurant announced new dishes for spring.
  12. I sell twenty subscriptions per day.
  13. No one can solve this problem.
  14. In other times, men invited women to dance.
  15. Someone declared the truth.
  16. No one had signed the letter.
  17. Sooner or later, someone will find the treasure.
  18. He published the book two years ago.
  19. The fire destroyed an abandoned house.
  20. You better hire a professional to decorate your house.

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