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Today, it is essential that HR teams are always updating their methodologies and practices, optimizing the work performed and ensuring more accurate hiring for the organization. In this sense, the Polygraph test is one of the many tests that can be applied by the sector. Polygraph test for employment

Do you want to know what it is, how it works and how testing can be used by Human Resources to bring benefits to the company? Check out this post!

What is a Polygraph test and what is it for?

Today, Human Resources professionals assess much more than just a candidate’s technical skills. Therefore, there is a huge demand for ways to select new employees based on other characteristics that allow a more precise final decision, such as personality and behavior .

As already mentioned, the Polygraph test is a type of psychological test , quite expressive, which allows the identification of issues such as emotional balance, insecurities and introversion. In fact, many Brazilians have already performed this assessment during the process of obtaining a national driver’s license, the CNH, by the State Department of Transit . 

In general, the test is simple: the job candidate needs to draw vertical lines, in parallel, on a piece of paper . The dashes are known as Palos. As it is very fast, it is possible to apply it in groups or individually.

The results do not follow a standard, which justifies the need for a professional to analyze the traits quantitatively and qualitatively, in order to understand the personality of that individual.

Thus, HR is able to compare talents and make the best hire according to the company’s current objectives. This positively impacts the results, as the formation of the team reflects the work performed .

What does the Polygraph test measure?

The Polygraph test has the ability to assess a candidate’s personal and psychological issues , such as aggression, emotional problems or disorganization. Thus, it ensures that the company makes a correct contract.

Furthermore, it is possible to identify aspects related to adaptation, communication with the rest of the company, productivity, trust, safety and many other behavioral characteristics. Polygraph test for employment

In addition, practices such as the use of alcoholic beverages or drugs can be noticed by the exam, which avoids unnecessary discomfort after admission. So it makes him very thorough about it.

This is a projective test, so that the evaluator indirectly interprets the particularities of each participant using graphical representations , that is, without needing to question them about certain points in their personal and professional lives.

The analysis is made from the drawn Palos, which can be characterized as balanced, irregular, broad, sloping, spaced, narrow, increasing or decreasing.

In selection processes, the test helps to assess which candidates are more in line with the organizational culture , aiming to reduce the number of dismissals due to bad hiring.

Ideally, the Polygraph test is applied in conjunction with interviews and other types of assessment to have a broader perception of the candidate’s profile, leaving the process subjective.

How does the Polygraph test work?

As informed, the Polygraph test consists of the analysis of the traits made by professionals in a given period. As there are different profiles, try to avoid plastered tests.

Here, there is no mystery. The candidate will receive a blank sheet and should be instructed on what to do and how much time is available to carry out the proposed task.

The tool is interesting because it can be implemented in any of the stages of the selection process . Also, as individual testing is usually not a requirement, it is up to the HR team whether the application will be done collectively or not. Polygraph test for employment

Furthermore, as it only assesses the candidates’ personality, the Polygraph test is not intended to fail or pass anyone. A psychological evaluation should not be a decision on an admission.

However, there may be a disapproval if HR perceives that that candidate does not have the characteristics sought by the company, that is, when a cultural fit does not occur .

But it is interesting to note that there are external factors capable of impacting the test results, such as personal problems, stress, tiredness or even the use of specific medications. Thus, testing should be just one step in the selection process.

How can the Polygraph test be used by HR?

The Polygraph test is a differential for companies, and can improve the quality of organizational assessments when applied to human resources processes and during the recruitment and selection of new employees.

This is because the result will provide HR with several useful information about the characteristics of each candidate, which facilitates the choice of who will be hired and allows the development of more adequate strategies.

Also, based on the answers, it is possible to find out which candidates have more to do with the organization’s culture and the profile sought by the company, as well as whether or not they will adapt to the day-to-day work.

In addition, HR will be able to trace the personality of the candidates and find out which ones really have all the soft skills required for the performance of the function, which avoids further wear and tear.

When performed by a trained professional who can actually analyze the answers, the test reveals a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, such as their skills and what needs to be developed.

Furthermore, it shows the main behavior trends of the interviewees, so that admissions are made thinking of avoiding deterioration in the organizational climate and that new employees work as a team without any problems. Polygraph test for employment

A well-done hiring is synonymous with greater permanence in the company. Thus, with less costs with dismissals and admissions, as a result of the decrease in turnover, the HR team is able to focus on other improvements for the institution.

However, many human resources professionals are still reluctant to implement the Polygraph test, believing that it is more suitable for other types of assessment.

Who can apply the Polygraph Test?

As it is a psychological test, this means that it can only be administered by a registered bachelor of psychology who has studied the subject in greater depth and knows how to evaluate the results.

This is regulated by the Federal Council of Psychology, responsible for stipulating that only graduated and registered psychologists can apply and evaluate Polygraph tests.

Thus, without a psychologist to implement and analyze the assessments during selection, the chances that the Polygraph test will not bring the benefits expected by the company are enormous. 

In addition to extensive knowledge in the area, it is important that the professional has enough experience and familiarity with the methodology to determine if the palos are irregular, broad or decreasing, for example.

This is because each psychological test requires a type of training, therefore, the data will only be really valid when application and evaluation follow the established psychology standards.

What are the benefits of Polygraph Testing for the company?

The Polygraph test is quite advantageous for the company that applies it, as it can tell us which professional fits best with what we are looking for among candidates for the opportunity.

This means fewer hiring errors , which means that employees remain in their positions for a longer period and turnover within the organization decreases. Thus, as the team is well aligned, the work yields more. 

In these cases, the company saves time, money and productivity, as it does not need to devote efforts to carrying out frequent selection processes in search of filling open vacancies. Polygraph test for employment

An organization that invests in its recruitment and selection, adopting new methods, manages to stand out in the competitive market and, above all, ensure that the company sustains itself in the long term.

On the other hand, the organizational climate itself improves, as all employees will have common factors and the probability of frequent conflicts is lower.

Another point that we can highlight is that satisfied employees become defenders of the company, even after their dismissal. That way, when the team identifies with the organization, it can promote the brand itself.

Finally, knowing the weaknesses of candidates and, consequently, of employees, it is possible to invest in qualifications and training for the development of the team. Polygraph test for employment

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