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If you are a student, you will already know that coming up with an interesting research question that you feel comfortable with is essential to be able to do a good job. Remember that what causes the research you will carry out is precisely the need to answer a question, so spending time so that it is well established is essential. How to write a research question example?

Are you thinking of preparing a TFG, a TFM or a thesis and do not know where to start? Are you not clear about the general objective of the work and the specifics of this research? At one HOW TO we offer you great keys for your project and we propose some research questions with examples and ideas .

Phases of a research project

Before proposing some research questions, from UNCOMO we want to explain to you what are the phases with which your project must comply:

  • Phase 1. Approach to the problem to be investigated: in this phase a problem is chosen, the topic is delimited, the context in which the problem may be immersed is investigated, the research questions that will lead to the research objectives are formulated and mentioned the scope of the problem and the justification for the investigation.
  • Phase 2. Research planning: here a plan or methodology to be used to carry out the research is designed. A schedule of activities is formulated. How to write a research question example?
  • Phase 3. Documentary research: in this phase the researcher looks for the background that supports the research, previous research related to the problem under study is studied and a theoretical framework about the research is designed.
  • Phase 4. Execution or development of the plan: all the stages and steps of the investigation are developed here. The different surveys are applied and the results are thus reflected in the data collection instruments designed for this purpose.
  • Phase 5. Evaluation of the results: it is the phase in which the researcher makes an analysis, either qualitative or quantitative, of the results obtained.
  • Phase 6. Communication of the results: this is the phase where the researcher writes a report with the results obtained from the research.
  • Phase 7. Conclusions and recommendations: in this last stage or phase of the research process, the researcher presents the final conclusions of his study, as well as some recommendations and proposals for the solution of the research problem. In most cases, in this phase the researcher must defend his work before a court specialized in the subject of study, so this article on How to defend a thesis may be the most useful for you.

How to ask a research question

As we have seen, in the first phase of the research process, the questions of the project should be formulated, since these represent the most important part of the research and will guarantee (or not) its success. In addition, these research questions are what will help you organize the rest of the stages of the work correctly. How to write a research question example?

Any research question should contain questions such as: what, who, how, when, where, why, which, what benefits, etc. Now, the steps that are recommended to ask a good research question are two:

Step 1 – identify its relevance

To fulfill this relevance, your research question must be relevant, appropriate and congruent with what is going to be investigated and with the results that are expected to be obtained. Therefore, research questions must meet the following parameters when writing:

  • Feasibility: Research questions must have possible answers. They must represent the goal to be achieved in the investigation. When formulating the question, the feasibility of the investigation must be considered.
  • Interest and / or relevance: they should arouse the interest of both the researcher and the people who read the research content, so remember to focus on topics that you know are of common interest to a group of people.
  • Novelty: the research question must be novel, that is, it is important that it has not been previously answered in other investigations. If not, it is important that new knowledge can still be contributed. How to write a research question example?
  • Accuracy: your language must be clear and understandable. They should be direct questions and should refer specifically to the point discussed bluntly.
  • Ethics: the content of the research question must avoid damaging the social, psychological and mental integrity of any citizen.

Step 2 – do the writing

In this step, the chosen question words must be combined with the study words. To get a good answer, the research questions must meet some parameters, but the most basic that we want you to take into account are:

  • Good structure : the question must be well structured and it must make sense, that is, it must be easily understood what you intend to discover.
  • Clear and direct question : it is better not to beat around the bush, so ask your question directly and leave the details for the writing of the paper.

Once you have chosen the topic and the question of your study, it will be pertinent that you learn to write an introduction for an investigation . How to write a research question example?

Research questions – examples for a TFG or TFM

The final degree project (TFG) and the final master’s degree project (TFM) are requirements demanded by universities to obtain undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different areas of knowledge. Below, from UNCOMO, we offer you some examples of research questions that can inspire you to write your TFG or your TFM.

  • Title: “Analysis of potential market for the commercial growth of OPC Laboritatorias, CA”

Questions of this research: Is there the possibility of commercial growth of OPC Laboratorios, CA taking into account the needs of the population that attends this institution? Is it necessary to carry out a market study to know the expansion possibilities? How would that help OPC Laboratorios, CA’s profitability?

  • Title: “The economic dispersion of the central zone of Mexico City and its effects on the economic structure of the urban land of the ZMCM”.

Questions of this research: To what extent has the dispersion and economic concentration of the city contributed to the formation of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Mexico City?

  • Title : “Counseling plan on sexual health for educators who provide information to the youth of the Inventado Institute”. How to write a research question example?

Questions from this research: How can you improve sexual health counseling in institutes? What plan should education and health professionals follow?

If you notice, all these titles are clear and specific, so they are ideal when establishing the limits of a subject to study. Let’s see more below.

Research questions – examples for a thesis

If you want more ideas for your research work, here are other specific examples of different topics.

Research questions – health field

  • Title: “Evaluation of the HIV infection prevention project at Villa Clara Hospital for 2019”.

Questions of this research: Are the expectations of the actions of this project fulfilled according to the citizens of the province? Have these actions been successful? How can the project be refined to better meet the needs of the public? How to write a research question example?

Research questions – field of economics

  • Title: “Comparative analysis of the efficiency in social and economic terms of public and private financial institutions during the period 2010-2019 in Venezuela”

Questions of this research: What effect has banking nationalization had on the growth of the credit portfolio of banking institutions in Venezuela? Does the public bank have a better quality of its credit portfolio compared to the private bank? What has been the behavior of the average costs of public and private banks in Venezuela? Do public banks have the same profitability ratios as private banks?

Research questions – field of education

  • Title: “Characteristics of the types of leadership used by the directors of X schools in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona”.

Questions of this research: How to face pedagogical problems? How do these directors handle communication between different departments of their institutions? What are the results of your performances? How do they achieve the objectives set? How to write a research question example?

Research questions – field of technology

  • Title: “Edublog as a tool to improve communication between the different administrative processes and students”.

Research question: To what extent does the creation of an Edublog improve communication between students and the administrative services of different institutes?

Research questions – field of literature

  • Title: “The disintegration of the human being in contemporary literature”.

Questions for this research: How does contemporary literature cover the issue of the disintegration of man? In what examples do we see this vision most clearly expressed? What future holds for contemporary literature when we speak of the disintegration of man? How to write a research question example?

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