How to measure brand awareness its Importance and Advantages and How to increase it

What is brand awareness?

In this article we will provide you the information about How to measure brand awareness its Importance and Advantages and How to increase it.

The brand awareness is a crucial element for your success in the market. Influence all aspects of your business, including lead generation and customer acquisition.

Today we will learn more about this concept, the importance for your business and how to measure and grow brand awareness to create effective strategies that help you grow your business.

Brand awareness is a marketing term that refers to the ease with which potential customers recognize and remember your products or services.

Brand awareness means that they don’t hesitate to invest in it or to think about a certain brand when it comes to everyday needs.

Brand awareness refers to the ability of consumers to recognize your brand and the connection they feel with it.

Importance of brand awareness

The importance of brand awareness comes down to the possibility of generating more income, this because customers prefer to buy from brands they know.

People research, collect information, read opinions, compare, etc., and think that they have found the best option on the market. However, they usually make a purchase decision based on the reliability and acceptance of the brand.

Brand awareness makes your target audience choose you over your competitors.

Advantages of brand awareness

Let’s review the benefits of strong brand awareness so you can decide to grow it:

  • Increased sales: We know that people tend to buy brands that they know or recognize. The more customers a brand knows, the greater your market share. Companies with higher market shares generate more sales than competitors. This increases your income.
  • Creating emotional connections: Brand awareness helps customer retention . A well-known brand creates a sense of confidence and optimism. This emotional bond causes customers to buy from a brand repeatedly and pay more.
  • Customer loyalty growth: Strong brands can not only build stronger market leads, higher revenues, and create emotional connections with customers. They have another privilege: making occasional mistakes and being forgiven.
  • Acquisition through referrals : A strong brand awareness will likely bring you referrals. People who are emotionally engaged with a brand would recommend it to their friends, colleagues, and family.

How to measure brand awareness

Brand awareness is not a metric that can be calculated with a formula. However, you can judge it by other indicators. There are three of them that you should keep in mind.

  • The volume of mentions in traditional media and social networks will help you understand the notoriety of your brand.
  • Reach is the number of people who can potentially see posts where your brand is mentioned.
  • Engagement allows you to judge the effectiveness of your brand awareness.

Now let’s move on to the concrete ways of how to measure brand awareness :

1-Traffic to your website

There are two types of traffic that you should track to determine your brand awareness. The first is direct traffic, which occurs when a user types your URL in the address bar or enters from a browser bookmark. When people visit your website directly, it means that they knew your brand beforehand.

In addition, the general traffic of the web page is very useful, since it shows how many people on the Internet interact with your content daily and monthly. Measuring these metrics over time will help you track the growth of your brand awareness.


Backlinks are links to your website from other resources, such as social networks, blogs, websites, etc. If the traffic from these backlinks grows steadily, so does your brand awareness.

However, make sure your referral traffic is of high quality. For example, links from untrustworthy sources can hurt your visibility in searches, which ends up negatively affecting brand recognition.

3-Social listening

This is one of the most effective ways to measure brand awareness. Evaluate not only the number of mentions, but also their quality. This provides you with valuable information on how to improve your brand or product to suit customer needs and increase brand awareness.


A classic way to measure brand awareness is to conduct a notoriety study through surveys. You can survey both your current and potential customers to find out what they think of your company. Create these surveys online and share them on social media or via email.

Be very careful about the questions you include in these surveys. If you are surveying potential customers, try to find out if they are familiar with your brand first. When communicating with your current customers, ask them exactly how they first learned about your brand.

5-Google services

Some Google services will be useful for you to measure your brand awareness. Start with Google Ad words or Keyword Planner to get an idea of ​​the search volume of your brand.

Another tool is Google Trends, a service that analyzes the popularity of the top queries in Google Search in various regions and languages. This tool helps you understand how many people have searched for your brand on Google.

Measuring something is key to understanding it. By understanding the extent of brand awareness, you can come up with a plan to increase it.

How to increase your brand awareness

Increasing your brand’s visibility is a complicated process that can encompass a host of strategies and tricks to further your goal. We have compiled six ways to increase your brand’s visibility, both online and offline, to help you in this process.

1-Give your brand a personality

This helps your brand stand out from a line of similar competitors. Second, a well-formed brand personality increases customer trust and engagement .

Your brand should have an easily recognizable color scheme, tone of voice, and main feature.

Another way to get your brand noticed on personality issues is to hire a brand ambassador: find a celebrity who fits your brand’s values ​​and tone of voice.

2-Focus on values ​​and emotions

Consumers may be rational, but they make final decisions with the heart, not the mind. People unknowingly consider their favorite brands an extension of their own individuality.

To increase brand awareness, make sure your brand articulates its values ​​clearly and consistently. It’s possible and easy when you have a well-formed unique value proposition . If you have trouble defining your brand identity, start by answering the following questions:

  • Why was your brand created?
  • What future does your brand want to create?
  • How will you achieve this goal?

Give brief answers to these questions and thus you will form the mission and identity of your brand. The latter should be concise but clear.

3-Celebrate and attend events

Both large and small brands adhere to the promotion through celebration, attendance or participation in events. Event marketing provides you with an opportunity to create useful business connections.

Best of all, events help brands build deep personal relationships with customers. If you want to attend events as a brand, choose niche occasions that bring together the audience most interested in your products. At the event, be proactive and prepare a short speech about your business.

4-Use social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best options to increase your brand awareness. Facebook, Instagram and other networks provide access to a huge audience. Remember also that people research products through social media. It’s no wonder that more than half of online brand discoveries occur on this channel.

5-Collaborate with influencers

Sometimes a single opinion leader recommendation is enough to double or triple your brand’s visibility. Working with bloggers helps companies reach an audience that is not available through other channels.

6-Position in search engines

The place that the company occupies in the results page, for example of Google, is crucial. The further away your website is from the top positions, the less chance you will have of attracting attention.

The tactics listed above can be used in companies in various industries. Their usefulness changes depending on the way you implement them in your marketing strategy.


In short, brand awareness refers to the soul of your company and encompasses your unique value proposition, the culture and reputation of the company, the features and benefits of your product, etc. That is, brand awareness makes the public remember general emotions and impressions about your brand.

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