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It is possible to learn English on your own as long as there is determination, discipline and daily contact with the language. People decide to learn English on their own for different reasons, which mostly include the high cost of tuition at English schools , the unavailability of study time and dissatisfaction with the didactics presented in some language courses. How to learn English alone?

Nowadays it’s easier to learn English alone and for free, as there are several ways to learn through apps, Youtube video channels, English test and conversation clubs . 
Some English words are already included in the Brazilian vocabulary due to their wide use, such as the terms “smartphone”, “internet” and “tablet”, for example. 

How to learn English on your own online

The internet contributes to many facilities that were not possible before. One of them is the possibility to learn English for free and online . How to learn English alone?
There are specific websites and video channels for those who want to learn a new language. Many bring activities, interaction and didactic explanations. Check out the selection of sites and channels on Youtube below to learn English on your own .
Websites (in alphabetical order)
• Ask Jackie
• BBC Learning English
• British Council
• Free English Course (CIG)
• Duolingo
• EngVid
• English Winner
• Mario Vergara
Youtube channels (in alphabetical order)
• Learn English Alone
• Ask Jackie
• Professor Kenny
• Aunt of English
• Mario Vergara

Books to learn English alone

A book is a good support to aid in learning English. However, this feature should be used as support. There are those who prefer to use printed resources as support and there are those who do not like this resource. Therefore, you must consider which is your best method, as what works for some is not valid for others.  How to learn English alone?
Check out the TOP 3 books for learning basic English below (in alphabetical order):
• How to Say Everything in English – Activity Book (Ed. Elsevier).
• Essential Grammar in Use – Basic English Grammar [with answers] (CUP Ed).
• Longman English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English School Dictionary for Brazilian Students – CD-ROM (ed. Pearson Longman).

Best apps for learning English

Learning new languages ​​apps are fun ways to stay in touch with a new language without feeling pressured by the obligation to study.
In this regard, there is a list of free apps to learn English available that allow contact with other languages.  How to learn English alone?
Check out the names of some apps to learn English below :
• Anki
• Babbel
• Duolingo
• Lingualeo
• Menrisis
• Supiki
From the list, the applications stand out:
Anki for Android and Anki for iOS, which works as memory cards, which can be used in addition to adding English words, being a great tool for those studying for public competitions. 
Duolingo, application that enables learning in a fragmented way by writing and speaking through stages of a fun game.
Supiki is an application focused on conversation between people who want to practice writing and reading in English. However, it is all in English, making it more effective for those who already have a level of English above the basics. How to learn English alone?

Common mistakes when learning English alone

When one chooses to study alone, it is common to fall into traps. The first mistake many people make in knowing how to speak English is translating word for word and creating a mental translation.
Translating English words into Portuguese is a dangerous practice since many words, certain structures and some verb tenses are different in other languages ​​and some expressions even have no translations outside the native language.
The mental translation is also an obstacle to those who want to learn English. This is because at the moment of conversation, the learner who listens starts a process of translation in his mind and then thinks about the answer and then thinks about the answer he is going to give in English.
Another factor that frightens people is the fear of making mistakes in words, expressions or slipping in English grammar . However, the best way to improve learning is to put what you have learned into practice, which includes dialoguing in the new language. It is noteworthy that the purpose of the conversation is to understand the message, and not observe whether the word is right or wrong as long as there is understanding. 
Another common mistake is worrying about expressions over context. Single English words and phrases may have a different meaning when placed in a context. Therefore, it is essential in language learning to consider the context of the sentence and the situation. 

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