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Consecutive sentences types with examples in sentences

Consecutive sentences

Within the classification of sentences we find consecutive sentences which are those that serve us to show a consequence or a result . This will always emanate from a main action. Thus, we can point out that a consecutive sentence is composed of two propositions in which one of them will be the explanation or the result of the other. Consecutive sentences types with examples

In other words, when we talk about a consecutive sentence we do it because this will always be the consequence of a previous action , for this it is necessary to use links that indicate this relationship between them. These, therefore, are called consecutive links.

What are the consecutive links

Knowing what the consecutive links are , we can easily discover if we are facing a sentence of this type. The most used conjunctions are the following: Consecutive sentences types with examples

  • So
  • Therefore
  • Therefore
  • So that
  • In consecuense
  • So much that
  • Tank
  • So

To this we must add that there are consecutive conjunctions that are used only with the subjunctive mood and are the following:

  • Hence
  • Not so what
  • Not so much that

Types of consecutive sentences

Consecutive sentences can in turn be divided into three types and this difference is marked above all by the link that unites them.

  •  Consecutive coordinates : these come from the deduction of cause and effect. These are related to each other in a coordinated way. That is, they maintain the same semantic importance between them. The links they use the most are; so, then, that is, so, so, so (that), so (that), so (that), so, so, then, so that .
  • Consecutive juxtaposed : they appear with the links therefore, therefore, consequently, consequently, thus, well, so, hence.
  • Consecutive subordinates: they occur when one of them is subordinate to the main one. Here we meet two types. Non-intensive consecutive subordinates (give information about the consequence of something stated in the main sentence); intensive consecutive subordinates (express and intensify the consequence of the main clause).

Examples of consecutive sentences

Now that we know what consecutive sentences are, we are going to see some examples of them in order to understand them better:

  • Alba has left work early, for that reason today she was able to pick up her daughter from school.
  • Alberto has fallen, for this reason we have been in the hospital all day.
  • Carlos and María are trying to save, which is why this year they decided not to go on vacation.
  • Carmen was working, then it is impossible for the vieses in the supermarket at that time.
  • He bought a lot of foodso he invited us to dinner.
  • The actor was so important to the town that a theater was dedicated to him.
  • The boss told us what to do, so we set off.
  • The child is studying hard, therefore it is likely that he will achieve very good results this course.
  • She is so strong that she can overcome any challenge that comes her way.
  • She is a very smart girl, that’s why she always gets the best grades.
  • He was so excited that when he found out he immediately called his mother to tell her.
  • We were tired, so we went out at night.
  • We were fed up with that situation, so we decided to get out of there as soon as possible.
  • There was so much noise in the class that the teacher had to raise her voice a lot.
  • It’s so hot I ‘ll have to put the air conditioning on.
  • The sheets were dirty, the location didn’t seem very safe, and the shower wasn’t working properly, so we decided not to stay there. Consecutive sentences types with examples
  • We have been eating out all month, therefore our budget in this sense has skyrocketed.
  • Miguel has such charisma that he is able to convince you with two words.
  • We get up very early to visit the museum, in this way we can avoid the queues that always form at rush hour.
  • She left without saying anything and without leaving her data, therefore , I will not be able to visit her.
  • We have a lot to study, so we can’t go to the amusement park.
  • It has every thing that makes reflections.
  • Everyone was late, as a result we missed the bus and had to wait for the next one.
  • He came looking for me, so I told him I would go to the movies with him.
  • I am going to sort the clothes by seasons, so that I can access them more easily.

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