How to Get a Promotion at Work with 8 best tips for applying

Promotion at work

Many people believe that getting a promotion at work just means getting a pay rise. But it can go much further than that.

This upgrade can mean, for example, a change in seniority (from junior, to full, to senior) or even a position, from being led to supervisor or coordinator.

Often these promotions may or may not be related to salary increases . Everything will depend on the agreement signed between you and the company.

In addition, everything must be aligned within your career plan proposal and how advantageous the opportunities are.

If you feel that this is the best time to ask for a pay raise or change your position, nothing can stop your will.

However, all this negotiation must be well grounded and structured, so the company will not be able to contest this promotion.

What are the best tips for applying for a promotion at work?

You are probably reading this article to learn how to apply for a promotion at work, correct?

The tips below are practical and can be applied to any employee, from juniors to seniors. Check it out below!

1. Know what your goals are

As mentioned above, it is not enough to just aim for a promotion at work (because, deep down, it’s what we all want), you need to know where you are in your career and where you want to go.

Having these goals outlined will make the process easier and clearer. You can bring arguments from your routine.

For example, if you are a junior today, but you believe you are developing full-time employee roles, you can use this information to your advantage.

The same goes if you aspire to be a leader someday and feel that this moment may be getting closer with the new positions that arise in the company.

In addition to having these goals, also learn about the possibilities that your company offers .

Is there a budget to carry out promotions? Are there chairs you want to sit on? Everything needs to be evaluated taking into account your needs.

2. Learn to listen to feedback

Feedback , when constructive, should be received positively. After all, with them we are able to fix what is not working and advance what is already working.

Therefore, as professionals, it is very important that all of us are open to receiving them, knowing that they can come from above positions, as well as from co-workers. At this point, the writing process becomes critical.

3. Work on your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence can serve as a real weapon so that the doses of dedication, effort and discipline are perfectly balanced.

This psychological concept can be defined as the ability to identify your feelings and emotions more easily .

When this intelligence is developed, you can have greater control and posture to seek a new promotion at work. In addition, you also develop your self –knowledge .

4. Know how the company works internally

As noted earlier, the process of earning a promotion at work varies from company to company. Thus, it is essential that you understand how it works within yours.

For this, it is possible to chat with someone from the HR team or even with your direct boss, clarifying all doubts and realizing what future opportunities are.

Depending on the outcome of the conversation, you may come to realize that your current company is no longer compatible with your career path, initiating the possibility of looking for a new job — but that is a subject for another post.

5. Have a good relationship with your co-workers

For the most part, people who manage to stand out more in the company also have good relationships with their colleagues.

This good relationship also extends to customers, partners and suppliers. Many may find this unimportant, but the truth is that having good relationships is one of the soft skills most sought after by recruiters today.

And it is this differential that can result in a promotion at work. Try to captivate people and make your presence something pleasant and positively striking.

6. Prove your standout in numbers

When you’ve decided to apply for a promotion at work, how about proving in numbers how positively your position is impacting the company? And those numbers can come in the form of KPIs.

Key performance indicators can be demonstrated in formal presentations or even in a well-structured email.

The most important thing is to present them clearly and objectively, removing any possibility of them being misunderstood.

7. Improve your skills

The company already knows you’re good at what you do—that’s why they hired you—but they also expect you to go above and beyond. This is where the need to evolve your skills arises.

And there are several ways to promote development , such as learning to speak English fluently or getting to know new software on the market.

8. Take initiative

It may be that your company is already preparing its promotion, but the leaders are waiting for an initiative from you for this moment to materialize.

Get more and more knowledge about your company and about the position you’ve been wanting so much. Thus, promotion at work will change from a simple possibility to a reality.

The above tips are perfect for those who want to stand out even more in the corporate environment. However, be sure to understand the possibilities and also how you can achieve the next steps without compromising your physical and mental health.

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