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How to do a brand analysis/steps of carrying out

If you are thinking of changing your brand, do not think it is as simple as it seems; For many, it is difficult to differentiate their company, as the services it provides are similar, if not identical, to those of the competition. How to do a brand analysis to know what we need to change? How to do a brand analysis?

A strong brand can help you stand out in a way that is authentic, engaging, and memorable. A brand analysis can help you clarify the factors that make you different so that you can create the messages and images that convey what you want and that impact your customers and prospects.

Keep reading! Today we will know everything we must do to carry out a brand analysis for your company.

Steps to do a brand analysis

Follow these tips to get the information you need to build a powerful brand

  • Conduct a brand audit

You start by evaluating how you are currently portraying your brand. Collect all the branded materials that are used regularly. These may include stationery, proposals, brochures, advertisements (online and in print), email templates, signage, trade show booths, branded gift items, email signatures, social media pages, blogs, site web and more. Take note of any inconsistencies you see between these articles. How to do a brand analysis?

  • Apply external and internal interviews

When conducting brand analysis, interviews are often an important first step. The objective of the interviews is to gather thoughts, feelings and personal experiences that help to expose the nuances of the person of the company. It is essential that interviews are conducted confidentially. Often times, an outside vendor is used to handle the interview process, so that employees and clients feel more comfortable sharing their opinions frankly. Key company members, senior partners, and staff should be included to get a truly cross-section of views.

Similarly, newer clients should be interviewed as well as older ones. Finding out why you were selected can be invaluable information.

Similar questions should be asked of internal and external sources so that the collected data can be compared. Don’t be afraid of receiving negative feedback from your customers, this information will help you improve. How to do a brand analysis?

  • Take surveys

Surveys can be used in place of face-to-face interviews (for cost and time saving reasons), or to supplement interviews to gather more data. Surveys are a great way to include more employees and customers in the branding process (which is useful in larger companies). Online tools like QuestionPro make it easy to create, conduct, and analyze surveys. You can create a brand questionnaire and get the data you need to make the necessary changes and stand out from the competition.

By using a platform like QuestionPro you will have access to a large number of different questions, the possibility of doing specialized studies to measure the health of the brand and using different logics to facilitate the creation and obtaining of answers by users.

  • Do a competitor analysis

The brand analysis also implies a competitive analysis to learn how to differentiate yourself from them.  How to do a brand analysis?

After defining your main competitors, review their websites and any available marketing materials that you may have access to. Do they have a slogan or prominent positioning statement? What colors and visuals do you use regularly? Are they actively blogging or posting on social media? Information of this nature is important and can contribute to a SWOT analysis of the brand (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) that should be included in a report with your conclusions.

  • Write a report with your conclusions

After the previous stages are completed, you should review and analyze all the data and consolidate the information into the main findings.

Your brand analysis report should include your company’s top three to five differentiators, or “brand pillars,” as well as a suggested branding statement.

The report of findings should be available to all members of the company, and serve as a starting point for the implementation of the changes. How to do a brand analysis?

Conducting a brand analysis before making a change not only helps ensure a more satisfactory result, it also tends to streamline the process and lead stakeholders to consensus faster.

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