How to be authentic with 10 steps to make it happen

How to be authentic

Being authentic constitutes a process of personal reconstruction, through which much of what has been learned and internalized as one’s own must be abandoned to allow the purest and firstborn to emerge that from our interior longs to be delivered as a gift to the world itself. Much of the emotional load we carry is part of a mask about ourselves accepting it through fears and the consequent construction of defense mechanisms. In this article we will guiude you about how to be authentic.

Furthermore, the unconscious assumption of “norms of behavior” received from society has little or nothing to do with us or with anyone else.

10 steps to become authentic

Therefore, being authentic allows us to free ourselves from this personal and social burden to manifest the gifts with which we have been endowed, and to hand them over to our neighbors for their benefit and to consolidate our true union with them. In this Psychology-Online article, we explain how to be authentic through 10 steps.

1. Becoming aware of our ego

The first and main step to being authentic is to become aware of how much of what we are belongs to a being “constructed” of fears and blind and meaningless obedience that, most of the time, gave rise to an ancestral being, generally called “ego” in psychology.

What things keep you from being authentic? The ego totally limits our behavior through a series of fears and rigid rules that silence and boycott our real and authentic self.

2. Start a process of personal introspection

When starting the process of becoming a more authentic person, it is necessary to carry out a process of personal introspection that will allow us to begin to become aware of the two voices that exist within us : the voice of our mind, currently dominated by the ego, and the voice of the our heart, or inner voice.

From the bottom of our being, our inner voice whispers to us at every second the good deeds that will allow us to follow our path and free ourselves from the limiting ties of the ego.

3. Learning to differentiate between the voice of the mind and the heart

How to be authentic? Once you recognize the two voices of your conscience, the next essential step is to learn to differentiate between them:

  • The voice of the ego : it manifests itself through the mind. It is a rigid and authoritarian voice that frightens and oppresses us internally, as it limits us to stereotyped and forced behaviors. It is usually always related to negative, limiting, normative or vexatious thoughts towards oneself or others, which is usually the clear beginning of disagreements, disputes, fears and separations.
  • The voice of our authentic being : it comes from the spiritual heart. It is a voice that, by intuition, whispers to us the best act for each of our steps. When we obey that voice, life becomes simple, joyful and takes us to fabulous and perfect places. Our soul feels calm, happy and in agreement with others.

4. Contradict the voice of the ego

One of the next steps to being authentic is fighting the voice of the mind, whose goal is to silence our inner potential. The most effective way to gradually silence this limiting voice is to first reject its truth and recognize it as a chimera that limits us.

Second, do acts contrary to what this voice says. These actions of contradicting the ego’s voice weaken it and gradually break the chains that bind us to it .

5. Learning to listen to our heart

Along with reducing and erasing the voice of the ego, in order to be authentic it is necessary to begin work on recognizing the inner voice. Unlike the previous one, it is an authentic and serene voice that always guides us on our path. The fact that we haven’t heard it before is not because it didn’t exist, but because it was silenced by the ego’s voice.

6. Trust the inner voice of wisdom

Beginning the path of being authentic will not be easy, as the voice of the mind will place obstacles in our efforts to free ourselves from it so as not to lose control over us. However, if we trust that the inner voice is the voice of wisdom and that we remain in this attitude of change and personal liberation , our inner strength to fight the continuous impediments will be greater and our being will reflect, more and more, the authentic being that we are.

7. Go recognizing our gifts

What makes you authentic and unique as a person? As your inner voice is guided, in a way you can barely rationally understand, those gifts you were created with will manifest. In a simple and natural way, they will show themselves through you in a way that perhaps has never been glimpsed until now, or that you would not even have imagined.

8. Deliver these gifts to the world

Once recognized and manifested, it is your duty to give them to the world, as these were not given to you for your personal benefit, but for the benefit of all human beings , nature and life on the planet in general. In fact, seeking selfish, personal fulfillment through these gifts will feed the ego’s voice and weaken the soft, conciliatory voice of your heart.

9. Carry out a proof of authenticity

How to be authentic? At this point, you can perform an authenticity test to see if what you are manifesting is , in fact, a reflection of your authentic self or are manifestations of your scared, ego-controlled self. The best proof of this is to see if you have become a spiritually stronger, happier, wiser, and more understanding person.

In reality, the archetype of the human being is that of a peaceful, conciliatory being with a constant personal struggle for the common good. Even so, the inner manifestation of our restricted selves generates societies and personal lives based on constant struggle and competition, separation and mistrust.

Only when each person struggles to manifest his deepest and most authentic being will personal and social life begin to transform . People will feel calmer, stronger and with a great inner joy that impels them to unite with others and take care of them selflessly. Rebuilding our authentic selves will allow us to create, once again, peaceful societies of true personal and social progress.

10. Help others to be authentic

Becoming authentic is a process that lasts a lifetime , as the struggle with the ego will be continuous, as it will constantly try to regain control of your life. However, by staying on the path, the manifestation of your real being will become clearer. In this way, you can be a clear and true example to others on how to live with true freedom, joy and balance in all areas of your life.

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