How to create a healthy workplace environment with 7 tips

What is a healthy and safe work environment?

reating a good work environment is crucial to the success of any organization as it can increase employee productivity, motivation and retention; while a toxic environment can affect the mental and emotional health of workers and the quality of their work. In this article, we give you some useful tips to create a healthy workplace environment

In recent years, the concept of healthy and safe work has changed over time, since before it focused on avoiding workplace accidents and maintaining in a certain way the physical structure of the place in good condition, however, now topics such as healthy lifestyles, prevention of illnesses and accidents, organization, work environment and stress management, also including other factors external to the workplace that may have an effect on the health of employees.

A healthy work environment must provide us with an accessible environment in which the capabilities and abilities of each person are understood, where differences or difficulties between people are minimized, and tools for health promotion and disease prevention are provided.

How to create a good work environment?

Therefore, today’s article will bring 7 tips for the work environment, making the company’s atmosphere more relaxed and professional. Keep reading!

1 – Build fun places in your company

Google and Facebook are great representatives of this aspect that integrates entertainment spaces with the professional environment in companies.

They observed that employees spent more time in a fun place, with short breaks to relax and the option of working outdoors.

These environments are also capable of inspiring creativity, as well as helping with employee performance. Therefore, a recycling company , for example, can invest in a suitable space for “relaxation”, or game rooms.

This does not mean that your company needs to build an entire Google space, just a few modifications are enough to give a new air to the work environment and improve the quality of life for employers.

2 – Promote events outside of work

One of the tips for the work environment is the promotion of events. One way to reinforce team spirit, as well as help build a good relationship between your employees, is to promote small events outside the work environment.

Some of them are:

  • Lunches on the weekend;
  • Happy hour after hours;
  • Carvery and dinners at night;
  • Fraternization parties;
  • Between others.

These moments are able to bring people together in a more natural way, making it possible to talk about things that are not necessarily related to work and form new bonds of friendship.

According to one report, a professional’s satisfaction increases by 50% when working closely with friends. In addition, engagement with your tasks is 7 times higher.

So, look for a coffee break for events and encourage the participation of managers, as a way to humanize the image of leadership, generating approximation and even the admiration of employees.

3 – Have flexible hours and spaces

Not all companies are able to offer flexibility in time and space. However, some businesses, mainly with office work and technology companies, such as mobile sales , are able to modify the forms of organization.

This helps increase productivity as it allows employees to operate at their most comfortable hours.

Flexibility also gives employees greater freedom so they can manage their own time, optimizing working hours.

However, more flexible schedules and spaces also require an increase in results. An alternative is to invest in business management software , which helps in a more assertive monitoring of each employee.

4 – Take courses and workshops with the teams

Courses and training demonstrate that your company is investing in the professional growth of employers.

With this, more than helping to perform a more assertive work, employees also feel valued, which contributes to making the environment more pleasant and productive.

In fact, many people prefer to work in organizations that offer opportunities for continuous development, overlaying financial proposals.

In other words, places with opportunities for professional growth are seen with better eyes by employees.

Thus, a waste transformation company can invest in training to teach employees in the activity of recycling electronic waste , for example.

Courses, training and workshops only bring advantages to your business, as professionals become more committed, more stimulated and better trained.

5 – Offer honest feedback

The feedbacks are important for employees to know what businesses expect from their work, so they are extremely necessary to improve performance in the workplace.

From them, employees and managers can adjust their services and optimize their tasks, in favor of the business.

In addition, the feedback shows that the attitudes of professionals are always evaluated and that, above all, the company is involved in the improvement of each one.

However, it is worth noting that feedback cannot be punitive, but instructive, to contribute to professional growth.

Non-constructive criticism and aggressive language can backfire and harm employee performance.

6 – Reduce employee inattention

Lack of concentration is one of the main problems in the work environment, because it directly affects productivity and employee satisfaction, as professionals end up overloaded with excess tasks or having to work overtime.

There are several ways to reduce employee inattention, such as seeking technological support and encouraging healthy habits within the company.

For example, the use of software that optimizes the organization and progress of tasks, making activities more efficient and complete.

As for the promotion of well-being and health, the company can hire an institutional video producer to build a webinar on the importance of physical exercise before starting the journey.

These attitudes also generate integration between professionals, facilitate communication and serve as an incentive for them to carry out their work in a more natural way.

7 – Develop internal marketing strategies

Endomarketing, popularly known as “internal communication”, is an initiative that aims to improve dialogues within the company, as well as acting in the dissemination and promotion of products and services for the employees themselves. After all, the employee will sell better the merchandise he knows and trusts.

Much more than that, endomarketing also resorts to the actions of belonging by employers, that is, they feel valued within the work environment.

Internal marketing can also include reward and recognition awards for employees, in view of each goal achieved or exceeded.

This is because a workplace with well-defined meritocratic rules is able to engage employees, favoring good competitiveness.

It is interesting to work with individual and collective awards, as one of the assumptions of endomarketing is also to encourage teamwork. This affects internal communication and contributes to better organization of routines within the company.

It is worth mentioning that recognition is something that should be common to all, since simple actions such as “thank you” and “good job” can already make a difference to the feelings of employees.


The environment of a company is largely responsible for the productivity and better performance of employees.

For this reason, it is not new that innovative businesses seek to invest in a more fun and relaxed place, so that employees feel professionally stimulated.

But regardless of how your space is dimensioned and the strategies adopted by your company, the important thing is to treat everyone with respect. This is essential for everyone on the team.

Respect is capable of making employees and managers well-regarded by everyone and, because of this, it is essential to listen to the needs of each one and respect the opinions of others, even if they are very different from yours. How to create a healthy workplace environment?

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