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Although the term has become popular recently, endomarketing has existed since the 1990s, with the purpose of improving a company’s internal image through its employees. Endomarketing definition

An example that can clarify the concept of endomarketing is the way employees are treated and the campaigns and benefits that Google regularly promotes.

These actions are based on how the company wants to be recognized internally and externally for new employees.

In addition, endomarketing also provides a range of advantages and benefits. Among them are employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

With that in mind, we created this post to explain more about endomarketing and show how you can leverage your team’s productivity with this innovative strategy. Endomarketing definition

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What is endomarketing and what is its difference with marketing?

While endomarketing can be seen as just a tree, marketing is seen as the forest. After all, endomarketing practices are exactly marketing strategies applied to the company’s own employees!

Marketing is about methods, tactics and strategies that seek to satisfy the needs and desires of a certain audience. 

To carry out any campaign or marketing strategy, for example, it is necessary to first analyze the audience and its characteristics. 

A company that manufactures commercial digital scales will need to check which people are interested in the product, before creating their custom strategies, for example!

Now, since marketing needs a target audience to carry out its actions. What does endomarketing need?

The answer lies precisely in the employees themselves! In other words, internal marketing is based on creating tactics and strategies to satisfy the needs and desires of an organization’s employees. Endomarketing definition

The purpose of endomarketing is to keep team members motivated, reducing turnover and making new employees feel desired to join the company.

One of the most common ways of doing endomarketing is through satisfaction surveys, projects and campaigns, career plans, among others.

Why invest in endomarketing?

The reason is simple: on the one hand, imagine that an employee works in a food truck that offers all the structure you need, and even campaigns for you to develop and grow as a professional.

On the other hand, imagine being the managing partner who manages this business with a structured organizational climate, and who owns a business with its internal and external vision recognized by employees and society.

These and other various benefits of endomarketing can be achieved in a practical and dynamic way. It’s all about planning and being creative in your actions and campaigns! Endomarketing definition

How to increase team productivity with endomarketing?

Now that you know the concept and importance of endomarketing, check out below how you can increase your team’s productivity with this strategy:

Understand the needs of your employees

The first step to have endomarketing actions that efficiently increase productivity is analyzing whether the applied strategies will satisfy the employees’ needs.

After all, there is no point in planning actions that will not generate returns for the company. Will the actions be worth it? Will distributing gifts, such as Christmas basket , among others, on commemorative dates as an internal marketing action generate returns?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to understand what the professionals’ needs are. And the simplest way to do this is to ask them: organize forms and questionnaires to find out what their main dissatisfactions are.

Have a healthy and structured environment

Another sure way to increase team productivity with endomarketing is through a healthy environment.

This is because a well-structured workplace can engage and encourage employees to feel more comfortable and empowered. Endomarketing definition

Therefore, be sure to invest right away in all items that provide more comfort, such as air conditioning, electronic decompression rooms, among other features.

It is also essential to invest in a specialized team or to efficiently hire cleaning professionals. Maintaining hygiene in your business will also make all the difference in the productivity of professionals.

Set goals and rewards

Including a goals and rewards system is also one of the best ways to make the environment more competitive, as well as making employees feel more recognized for their respective abilities.

A tip when setting goals and rewards is to offer personalized goals and rewards that fit each professional’s level.

Talk to your team members and analyze how the goals and rewards system will work.

In this way, they will be able to demonstrate their competences without suffering from excessive pressure or negative competitiveness among the members themselves. Endomarketing definition

Offer scholarships and courses

Another endomarketing strategy that will generate great results is offering scholarships and courses to team members.

This action is very versatile and can be successfully applied to companies of all sizes and segments.

After all, all the ways to enable employees to develop their professional activities also directly reflect on increased productivity.

Remember that the course chosen for professionals must be part of their company’s field of activity.

It is also possible to either select a specific course or let each of the collaborators choose. The granting action may be paid in part or in full by the company. Endomarketing definition

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