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What is fraternization in the workplace?

Fraternization in the workplace refers to a socialization or friendly conviviality between people who share affinities, such as the same feelings or opinions. In the business sector, such affinity occurs precisely because of the common workplace involving the participants.

Thus, the corporate fraternization seeks to create bonds between all employees so that they form, in fact, a united team. Success is directly related to the integration of teams and, as professionals get to know each other better, the tendency is for mutual collaboration to increase.

As the get-togethers have festive environments and dynamic moments, there is the construction of a more pleasant organizational climate . This makes it easier for workers to understand their real roles within the workplace, making each one give their best day after day.

From the point of view of corporate management, it is essential to know how to take advantage of these events to expose values, vision and mission in a relaxed manner, in addition to the results obtained and desired.

Purposes workplace fraternization

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big party or a simple happy hour: the workplace fraternization is a time to celebrate and create bonds. This type of event brings several benefits to the organization, in addition to pleasing employees.

Want more reasons to invest in this planning? Keep on reading!

1-Shows employee appreciation

It is through actions such as Christmas bonuses, praise and get-togethers that the company demonstrates its concern for the well-being of its employees . Company events are opportunities to thank everyone for their contribution, award honors and awards, organize sweepstakes and show staff that everyone is valued.

2-Strengthens the company’s image

Each company has its own organizational culture , values ​​that determine the treatment of employees, the approach to customers, company policies and objectives. These issues must be present in its institutional image, conveying the organization’s identity to society.

The company fraternization certainly contributes to the strengthening of this identity, thus being an endomarketing strategy, that is, marketing aimed at the internal public (employees, partners, resellers). The reason is that the party changes the employees’ view of employers, with whom they do not always have contact in the company’s routine.

This is a way to make employees allies of the organization, not only putting effort at work but also promoting the company in their social environment. They become brand advocates because they identify with it. Employee appreciation is also welcomed by customers, contributing to the organization’s public image.

3-Promotes professional relationships

For employees, fraternization is a way to get closer to co-workers, creating professional and even personal bonds. The idea is to create a sense of integration, bringing people from different sectors together and making everyone know each other.

This issue is relevant for the company because it encourages internal communication and creates a more pleasant working environment. The friendly atmosphere reduces personal disagreements, making HR’s job easier. In addition, fraternization favors the creation of networking, a network of professional contacts.

4-It’s motivational

The best reason to invest in company fraternization is the motivation that this event provides for employees. It is from the contact with colleagues and the appreciation of their work that they feel part of a team. The moment of celebration is ideal to show that the company’s results are actually the result of the work of each one of them.

With a sense of belonging, employees are more motivated and understand that they are a very important part of the organization. Motivated employees are more productive and engaged.

5-It is an important indicator

In addition to motivating, company fraternization is also an indicator of employee satisfaction with work. When many people do not show up, it means that they are not happy with the job or that there is a lot of conflict in the group.

Remember that the company fraternization is a celebration in which, regardless of the level of formality, everyone should feel comfortable. This is not the time to communicate changes in the organization or set new goals, but a time to celebrate.

What are the benefits of having a business fraternization?

Now that you know what a business fraternization is, see what its main advantages are!

1-Recognition of professionals

By promoting fraternization in the work environment, the brand shows employees that they are essential in the gear. After all, there is an effort involving setting aside part of the  budget to organize an event with the team, demonstrating through this gesture the appreciation of human capital.

In these moments, there is still the possibility of, for example, thanking and honoring the dedication of employees. Giving awards and recognition to business partners and professionals, in order to motivate them, is another excellent option.

As a result, employees tend to see the initiatives as a clear recognition of the efforts made during the year for the growth of the corporation.

2-Increased team engagement

Charges and requirements due to the division of responsibilities in the company are quite common. In this sense, a mature professional knows how to deal with more delicate situations without major problems.

However, the moment the professional realizes that success within the company is celebrated together – and not just obligations and responsibilities shared with everyone -, he realizes the importance of striving for results and hitting goals proposed by management.

In addition, after having a good time together, employees create pleasant and happy memories of the company. This helps to create good associations, providing positive feelings when going to work, such as greater willingness to participate actively in the team and readiness to solve problems.

3-Team productivity and satisfaction

When the team realizes the recognition, all professionals feel renewed and satisfied  after the closing of a cycle. After all, they know that effort is rewarded, and the tendency is for them to act more motivated, increasing efficiency and productivity .

The feeling of being part of an organization that is actually a great team is capable of generating very high engagements, raising the company to equally high levels of performance and obtaining the desired profit in the short, medium and long term.

Step by step to organize

9 tips for organizing fraternization in the workplace

1. Start with the number of people

Defining the number of people who will attend the fraternization party is a great starting point. Having answers to a few simple questions gives you a good idea of ​​how many people to consider at the event:

  • How many employees, outsourced and interns work in the workplace?
  • Will other partners, suppliers and/or customers be invited?
  • Will the invitation be extended to companions?
  • Do you have any idea how many guests usually attend your business events?

2. Define the event proposal

With a clear idea of ​​how big the fraternization will be, it’s time to define a concept for the event. After all, what format will it take?

  • Lunch;
  • brunch;
  • Barbecue;
  • Cocktail;
  • Party;
  • Theme party;
  • Happy hour;
  • Dinner;
  • Pool Party.

3. Choose the location

With this information, the time has come to choose the place where the fraternization will take place. Will it be in the company itself or in a different location? Many businesses opt for external alternatives to ensure more relaxation, away from the daily  work environment .

Most cities have a good structure for holding these occasions. Among the options are:

  • boats;
  • event centers;
  • farms;
  • clubs;
  • restaurants;
  • salons.

If the option chosen is a place outside the workplace, it is necessary to take some points into consideration: ease of access, comfort, security, etc. It is also important to pay attention to the infrastructure offered, such as chairs, tables, accessories, bathrooms and other spaces. 

The choice depends on the expectations of the public that will be present. The venue needs to accommodate everyone comfortably, but it shouldn’t be too big, to the point that the event seems empty.

4. Plan and invite in advance

Just like you, thousands of other companies are planning their holiday parties. This makes locations and suppliers more competitive.

To ensure that the organization runs smoothly, the sooner planning and supplier contacts are made, the better. The same goes when contacting guests. The sooner the invitation is made, the greater the expectation created for the day of the party.

For this, all available communication channels between company and team can be used. It is important to be clear about the most relevant information, such as date, place, time, dress code , etc.

A good strategy is to create small spoilers about the attractions of the party to pique curiosity among the team. That way, everyone gets in the mood for celebration.

5. Require confirmation of presence

Establishing a deadline for confirming the presence of guests is essential. With the answers, it is possible to compare the original planning with who will actually participate in the event. Thus, unnecessary expenses are avoided and corrections can be made in a timely manner.

6. Seek professional services

The careful choice of suppliers is the secret of a successful event. The probability of the company fraternization reaching its goals and starting 2020 with much more engagement depends on the quality of the contracted items.

This also applies to event organizers and ceremonialists. No matter how much capacity the internal team has for the organization, having specialists is always a good deal. This reduces the risk of errors, ensures more assertive choices and reduces costs, due to the market knowledge of these professionals.

7. Set the menu

This is another important point, as it is directly linked to the concept of the party. A happy hour combines with snacks and finger food, while a party at the farm goes well with barbecue.

People like to eat well; and the menu, including drinks, is one of the most talked about items after the event. A point of attention is about food allergies and intolerances. Therefore, having vegetarian and vegan options, without gluten and/or lactose, is very important.

If you prefer to organize the food issue internally, there are online calculators that help when defining the quantities needed to avoid waste.

8. Think about attractions

This is supposed to be the funniest day of the year, right? Nothing better than thinking of some entertainment attractions for company fraternization. Fortunately, there are different options. And it’s still worth using creativity! See some options

  • Fun props and embellishments;
  • bands or singers;
  • photo booths;
  • DJ;
  • Karaoke;
  • Magicians or illusionists;
  • Stand-up comedy;
  • Sweepstakes and distribution of gifts.

9. Talk about the business with ease

A company fraternization is a great time to talk about goals, achievements and goals without the day-to-day formality. With care not to break the mood, keeping an optimistic tone, it is possible to approach the perspectives and goals for the next year. These are the main items to consider when organizing a fun end-of-the-year party capable of engaging the team even more.

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