What is Positive and Negative Energy definition/concept

The energy positive force is a magnet flowing when you can align the mind and heart to the lovely side of life. Unlike negative energy when we position ourselves as victims of a situation and let ourselves be overcome by the attitude. Positive energy is that vitality magnet that manages to project its surroundings through a kind word and a smile. It is the attitude of believing in your dreams, not as a result of bad luck or luck, but as a direct result of personal work. Positive and Negative Energy

Optimism and vitality

Positive energy is the hope of becoming the best version of yourself, aware that the world can be a better place thanks to your actions and words. Positive energy is like a magnet that produces kindness, courage, courage, resilience and strength. On the other hand, negative energy causes disappointment, self-pity, suffering, loneliness, and sadness.

When you are in a positive energy phase, you feel that everything in your life flows better. However, the reality is that when you feel good about yourself, the universe – as if it were a mirror of your own mood – also flows in harmony. That is, design your own state of mind in the environment . On the contrary, faced with a bad journey, we are vulnerable to the possibility of being excessively pessimistic. Positive and Negative Energy

Positive energy is part of that pleasant echo of laughter. It is the strength of friendship that nourishes the soul with emotions that connect with the present. It is the hope of believing in the future. Positive energy works like a dance of life seen with a soundtrack of strength. Positive energy is believing you can; be tough despite the difficulties. Get up after a fall. Send fraternal messages to give strength to those in need.

Complaints and disapprovals

On the other hand, negative energy is feeding the complaint as an excuse to kill the dreams that are within you. Without a doubt, adversity is part of life. However, the proper attitude of a person who is stagnant in negative energy is to focus on the problem and not the solutions. Worrying ahead of time for something that hasn’t happened yet. Positive and Negative Energy

Anyway, to change from negative to positive energy it is essential to change the chip.

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