What is Endorphins definition/concept

In the body there are certain chemical substances generated by itself spontaneously and are known as endorphins. They are very similar to neurotransmitters and have a chemical structure similar to morphine or heroin, but they do not have the harmful effects of these opioids.

It is estimated that there are more than twenty different modalities found throughout the body, although most are located in the pituitary gland. The main biochemical function of endorphins is to facilitate the interaction between neurons.

The feeling of vitality and fullness or moments of emotional intensity are directly related to endorphins. In popular language , this substance is said to be the molecule of happiness.

seeking happiness

Mood depends on many factors and one of them is the presence of endorphins in the body. In this sense, the release of this substance helps us to feel better and, in some way, it can be said that it works as an activator of pleasure and happiness. They act as a brain neurotransmitter and their activation can be favored by certain habits.

Physical exercise releases endorphins and for this reason athletes feel bad when they are injured and cannot train normally. Activities such as walking, dancing, running, swimming or playing a team sport are some habits that help to produce them.

Some psychological therapies can help create these substances. In recent years, laughter therapy has proven to be a very useful practice for promoting physical and mental well-being.

Certain simple activities are also associated with these molecules, such as watching a funny movie, talking to friends, or playing with a child.

Breaking with the daily routine is also a valid strategy for seeking pleasurable sensations.

Endorphins go beyond pleasure

It is a specific type of neuropeptide with a large amount of amino acids. They are mainly synthesized in the brain, but also in other tissues. These molecules intervene in the analgesic system , activate self-satisfaction mechanisms and increase cognitive activity. On the other hand, they intervene in the functions of the endocrine system and the immune system.

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