Embrace of Acatempan causes consequences participants

Embrace of Acatempan

Act of reconciliation and union between the viceregal forces and the insurgent army. In this article we will let you know about the Embrace of Acatempan.

The embrace of Acatempan was an event that occurred on February 10, 1821 within the framework of the Independence of Mexico . This meant an act of reconciliation and union between the viceregal forces and the insurgent army that sought independence.

Agustín de Iturbide , commander-in-chief of the army of the viceroyalty of New Spain, and Vicente Guerrero, head of the armies fighting for the Independence of Mexico, participated in this event .

It is given this name since the meeting took place in the city of Acatempan, located today in the municipality of Teloloapan, northern Mexico.

This embrace symbolized the impulse of the Plan of Iguala and the founding of the Trigarante army , which was made up of both sides (royalists and independentists) who now fought together for the Independence of Mexico.

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Causes and consequences of the embrace of Acatempan

Causes and antecedents

After Iturbide came to the government of the viceroyalty to defeat Guerrero, who was seeking independence, he changed his mind by promulgating the Constitution of Cádiz , which took away privileges from those in charge of the clergy and the military in America .

In the same way, this event led conservatives to change their minds, who now preferred an independent monarchy rather than lose their privileges .

The events prompted Agustín de Iturbide to join forces to achieve independence, for which he proposed to Vicente de Guerrero to unite both armies in what was the embrace of Acatempan .


Acatempan’s embrace caused 3 great consequences :

  • Proclamation of the Plan of Iguala , driven by Iturbide, which guaranteed three fundamental aspects for the benefit of the population: the independence, religion and the unity of all Mexicans .
  • The Trigarante army was founded , whose objective was to protect and enforce what was proposed in the Plan of Iguala.
  • Mexico’s independence.

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Participants of the embrace of Acatempan

The Acatempan embrace was carried out by two great protagonists: Vicente Guerrero and Agustín de Iturbide.

  • Vicente Guerrero (1789 – 1831) : leader of the insurgent army and hero of the Independence of Mexico.
  • Agustín de Iturbide (1783 – 1824) : sent by the crown to fight Guerrero, he ended up joining him because he was against the Spanish Constitution of 1812.

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