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The proclamations are expressions that are said aloud and consecutively to capture people’s attention. They are used to offer a service, either for sale or for labor. Whoever uses it is called a town crier and he generally implements it in markets, streets, and squares of a city or town. Characteristics of proclamation with examples

In Mexico, proclamations are widely used since Aztec times. There are many vendors that you can find in different parts of the country saying proclamations to promote a variety of foods or objects. They also do it by offering their services or some exchange.

The proclamations had an important part in history because they were messengers of kingdoms and governments. In our times, in some cases, they can go unnoticed by traffic noise and the rush of everyday life. But they are always present to remember the tradition and customs of the Mexicans.

Characteristics of the proclamations

1-They are said orally

Currently, the proclamations are expressed orally and are part of urban and popular tradition.

2-They have musical tone and rhyme

The proclamations usually make phrases that have great musicality. Their shape may vary according to the person and what they are used for. It is proclaimed aloud, singing or even shouting to get the attention of the public.

Many proclamations are also very well crafted and contain beautiful rhymes full of poetry. These details add a special touch to the proclamations and provide great rhythm to these phrases.

3-They are passed down from generation to generation

The proclamations in Mexico have been maintained through time. Although they currently have different uses than those of their beginnings, they still retain their essence: transmit a message. That is why they are part of the daily jargon of towns and neighborhoods, having their own words that represent them.

Famous town criers of Mexico

1-The fruit seller

The fruit vendor can sell in a stable physical store, in small markets or in carts that are pushed by the man or woman. Some examples of fruit cries are:

  • Bring your delicious fruits, the heat is hard!
  • Delicious mango for the tango to dance!
  • Chunks of sapote, take the biggest one!
  • Buy me the grape, before it rises!
  • Delicious watermelon for those who eat and those who breed!

2-The sharpener

A town crier that is in the history of Mexico is the sharpener, who traveled with his whistle riding a bicycle or tricycle. His main clients were housewives, butchers, or any market vendor who needed to sharpen a knife. In the distance his proclamation could be heard “aaafiiiiladoooor!” and the sound of its emery. Characteristics of proclamations with examples

3-The serene

A famous town crier now almost non-existent. He went out at night to light the streetlights and take care of the streets while shouting proclamations of how the city was. Some serene proclamations are:

– “Twelve o’clock

given and serene,

and the night is calm! ”.

– “I walk with my lantern

through the sleeping city!

The street lanterns

I got this

to turn on so that

you my bold

do not fall! “.

4-The Baker

He is a popular town crier who passed by on foot, bicycle or some small truck. It is said that they are one of the best sellers. They let themselves be heard with their cry of “Bread, warm!” and using a buzzer that they made sound. This is an example of a baker’s cry:

– “Homemade bread for

the whole town.

Homemade bread for

the grandson and the grandfather ”.

Examples of short proclamations

1-Proclamations of everyday life

– The bread arrived, the bread arrived at just three pesos!

– Foamy milk for you my pretty wench!

– Go to the tamales and the atole; They are Veracruz style!

– The truck leaves for the central! The one who goes to the center already leaves! Get on it!

2-Shouts of vendors

– Milk, strawberry, cajeta and pineapple empanadas! Take him they are over!

– Milk sweets! Your sweet milk for ten pesos!

– There are oranges and there are lemons!

– I sell fresh water to refresh your mouth!

– Here are pitaya and guamúchil, the seasonal ones, fresh, tasty!

– Melon, melon so that in your house, your pants don’t fall off!

– Cheap avocado!

3-Proclamation of purchase and services

– I trim the grass, paint the house, take the dog for a walk!

– I buy glass bottles: beer or soda!

– I have come to your house to take everything that no longer serves you: refrigerators in poor condition, old televisions, copper coins, silver. Also old pots, broken mattresses here we have been buying them!

– Buy ink! Shoes to mend! Chairs to entulate!

– You buy mattresses, drums, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, microwaves or some old iron that they sell!

– Mr. Tlacuache buys trinkets! Bottles that sell! Worn out shoes! Ruined hats, rolled up pants! I change, buy and sell alike. Characteristics of proclamations with examples

4-Food proclamations

– There are Oaxacan tamales, hot tamales! Order their delicious Oaxacan tamales! Their rich and delicious Oaxacan tamales have arrived! Come and order their delicious Oaxacan tamales!

– Pepitorias, palanquetas, cocadas, alfajores and much more!

– Milk, strawberry, cajeta and pineapple empanadas! Take him they are over!

5-Some proclamations from colonial times

Water, water for the pretty ladies!

– I am the serene,
walking I go
and very happy
the time I give!

– I sell candles,

What do they do

your nights


– Warm Mazamorra

to fill the belly,

mazamorra, the best

for the chubby black guy!

6-Excerpts from a party proclamation

– “Eat with enthusiasm and passion

Have compassion on your body,

drink until your breath hurts,

dance until the tension is triggered,

sing full of feeling,

and never leave the desert of love thirsty.

The proclamation comes to an end, thank God!

You can go in peace! ”.

7-Part of a proclamation of holy week

“Easter Sunday, a day to meditate and think. Day of joy and hope in man and in his transforming action. Characteristics of proclamations with examples

“There is no Hallelujah! If there is no change in my being, there is no Hallelujah! If there is no death in me, there is no Hallelujah! without a cross, nail and thrown. There is no Hallelujah! Without transformation. Olive buds.

“This is my Proclamation, sure that each of those present here has his own and surely much better and more successful than the one you have just heard.”

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