What is Embrace Therapy/Concept/ Meaning

Traditional medicine employs conventional therapies with criteria based on experience and scientific methodology. Despite this, there are other curative procedures that, although not scientific in nature , can be therapeutic and beneficial to health. One is hug therapy. As its name implies, it is about giving another person a hug in order to convey a sense of well-being. What is Embrace Therapy?

The display of affection that a hug provides is positive in many ways

First of all, it is very rewarding for the recipient. At the same time, it removes fears, relieves tension, strengthens self-esteem and eliminates loneliness. The physical contact made with the act of hugging brings human warmth, something that has a beneficial component for health even though it cannot be evaluated from a simply empirical perspective.

The basic idea of ​​this therapy is the emotional support you feel, which is gratifying and consequently positive for your health.

Specialists in this modality (hug therapists) believe that not all hugs are the same, yet there are several types: the bear hug, between three people or sandwich, cheek, brash or A-shape. The characteristic itself, for example, the impetuous one is very common among children and the A-shaped one is used among people with little mutual trust . What is Embrace Therapy?

The importance in pediatrics

The pediatric area applied to children proves that physical contact and a hospitable environment are relevant to improving children’s health.

Showing affection through different types of hugs becomes a very useful complementary strategy. Human warmth is the curative element of this modality and the sick child is the one who benefits from this physical contact.

It is necessary that the hospital environment is not a hot place and that children can feel comfortable. Therefore, the embrace of these professionals can provide a cure for any kind of discomfort. What is Embrace Therapy?

One of the advantages of this technique is that it has no contraindications and no health risks . In addition, the hug is portable, economical, provides a feeling of relief and is not painful.

Currently, there are more and more hospitals and clinics that use hug therapy and other techniques that are not studied in medical school, but that serve as a cure for certain cases. For example, in Spain there are children’s hospitals where health professionals disguise themselves as clowns to make children smile.

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