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The ellipsis (…) is a punctuation mark that is represented graphically with three points. There are only three, they are placed glued and they go without spaces between them. The name of this resource indicates one of its main uses, that of suspending a sentence. They should be placed just after the word in which you want to give their meaning. What is an example of ellipsis?

When an ellipsis is found in the reading, a suspended tone is paused as if thinking about what is going on. They are easy-to-use signs that achieve a particular meaning in what is written. Care must be taken not to abuse them when using them to create texts. Also, it is important to know the correct way to write them.

One of its regulations is that they must be attached to the previous word but separate from the one that follows. Likewise, it has some indications when they go along with other language signs. Next, the ways to use them and their basic rules will be explained.

Types of ellipsis What is an example of ellipsis?

1-Nominal Ellipsis

The one that omits the nucleus or a noun, being, in this case, the omitted information present in the context. As in: Now I will wash this dish, later, that one. (plate).

2-Comparative Ellipsis

This is that ellipsis that omits the noun or in its case the core of the noun phrase, and the information that is omitted is present in the context of the sentence. As in: Don’t you want to go to mass? No, I prefer to go to the park (than to go to Mass).

3-Verbal Ellipsis

This is the one that omits the verb within the sentence because it is already implicit in the context. Now I will walk on the sidewalk, and later through the park. (I will walk)

With the ellipsis, no word is eliminated from the sentence, but only those that are not necessary for us to clearly understand the spoken text, since the words that are omitted are implicit in the sense of the sentence.

What are the ellipsis for?

The ellipsis have different uses:

1-For temporary pause

You can use the ellipsis to express any doubt, distrust or fear. Thus creating a pause that suspends the sentence.

  • Examples

– The phone is ringing… I hope it’s not your mom again.

– I wanted to know … this … if you wanted to have a coffee with me.

2-Intentional interruption

In this case, the ellipsis is used to avoid placing words that are already understood by the listener or reader. In cases such as saying a saying, some familiar expressions or phrases that the recipient knows how to complete. What is an example of ellipsis?

  • Examples

– Shrimp that falls asleep …

– The child behaved very badly at school… Well, you know how it is.

3-Avoid repetitions What is an example of ellipsis?

Another use of the ellipsis is to avoid repetitions when we refer to a work, book or work in whose description we must name several times.

  • Example

– In the Continental Student Guide 5 book you can find the six main areas studied in 5th grade. The Math section of the Student Guide … explains everything from natural numbers to probabilities.

4-For innuendo 

In this case, the ellipsis substitute offensive, rude or inappropriate words because they are not pleasant.

  • Examples

– That car is a…! You should sell it.

– You really are good …, it seems that you will never learn.

5-Put on hold

These types of signs are also used to create suspense or intrigue. Leaving missing information that creates curiosity for the receiver.

  • Examples

– The meeting was … we better not talk about it.

– There was a discussion between María and Luisa, some things were said … then we talked about it.

6-Make emphasis

In this case it is not used to replace a word, it is more like to express a thought. In this case the pause is longer. What is an example of ellipsis?

  • Examples

– I don’t know what to do … go … or not go … what a complicated decision.

– The night … how beautiful it is … how it inspires me … I love it.

7-Enumerate What is an example of ellipsis?

When a sentence is made where several associated things are named, this punctuation mark can be placed at the end. The ellipsis does the same function as the word and so on. However, both should not be used at the same time.

  • Examples

– We went to the supermarket to buy fruits, there was pineapple, pear, apple, mango …, we chose most of them.

– Juan, Daniel, Margarita, Luisa went to the party … the whole group was great.

8-With brackets or parentheses

An ellipsis is placed with square brackets […] or parentheses (…) when some words are omitted from a quotation.

  • Example

– Pedro Pérez said in his speech “Everyone has presented great advances in manpower […], our vice president has given statistical samples with very good numbers.”

9-With the same function without brackets or parentheses

It is also possible to use them without these symbols if you want to make an appointment where the beginning of the end will be omitted. It is important to note that there must be a space between the ellipsis and the first word to be cited.

  • Example

– Pedro Pérez expressed “… in labor for the equipment and course carried out in the last two months”.

– Mr. Pérez said: “In conversations with our vice president, he has given statistical samples …”.

10-Omitting parts of known expressions What is an example of ellipsis?

In cases where the interlocutor knows the closing of the sentences or when it is understood, ellipsis can be used. What is an example of ellipsis?

  • Examples

-The devil knows how old he is …

-He always tried to take care of their relationship. He did the things that are supposed to keep the romance alive. He never lied to her… But in the end, it didn’t work out.

11-Surprise, doubt, insecurity or hesitation

An ellipsis can denote surprise, doubt, insecurity, or hesitation.

  • Examples

-I worked on that essay all night and wrote… two sentences.

-I don’t know … Maybe you’re right.

-He said it a thousand times, but … they still didn’t believe him.

-He loves me, He Loves Me Not…

12-End of open enumerations

Ellipsis can be used at the end of open enumerations; that is, when not all the elements of a list are named. In these cases, this punctuation mark is equivalent to the word and so on .

  • Examples

-In its library rested the works of the great classical authors: Verne, Tolstoi, Poe, Voltaire, Dostoevsky …

-Instead of buying expensive airline tickets and paying for hotel stays, people have been opting for cheaper alternatives: online travel specials, visiting relatives, inviting friends and relatives to dinner at home …

Rules of use of the ellipsis points What is an example of ellipsis?

1-Correct way to write

It is important to point out that the ellipsis are three of these figures (…) neither more nor less. Also, they must go continuously without spaces between them.

2-Before placing them What is an example of ellipsis?

When writing, the ellipsis must immediately follow the preceding word or sign, without placing any space. What is an example of ellipsis?

  • Example What is an example of ellipsis?

– Green, blue or yellow …

3-At the end

Once these points have been placed, to continue you must leave a space to then place the next word.

  • Example

– Shirt … and everything you need for the uniform.

4-With other punctuation marks What is an example of ellipsis?

If after the ellipsis there is another sign for punctuation, such as a semicolon, a comma or an exclamation point … no space should be left between them.

  • Example

– The tour will be through the field, zoo, museum …; then we will meet at our house.

5-When closing a sentence What is an example of ellipsis?

If the ellipsis marks the end of a sentence, the next word must begin with a capital letter. But if this approach continues after them, the successive word must begin in lowercase.

  • Examples What is an example of ellipsis?

– I’d like to go eat … but I still can’t think of what.

– I don’t know … I don’t know what to answer you.

6-In interrogative or exclamatory sentences What is an example of ellipsis?

When we have a sentence with exclamation or question marks, there are two ways to place the ellipsis. In the first case, if the sentence is incomplete, they are written before the closing symbol. In the same way, if the expressed sentence is complete, the periods must follow the closing sign.

  • Examples

– I want to…! I do not know how to say it. (First case).

– Are you going to go with me? … I promise we will have a great time. (Second case).

Examples of using ellipsis

  1.  It can’t be… are you sure? I can not believe it!…
  2. You can buy size 30,31…, up to 35.
  3.  Francisco, José, Diego… I really have no idea of ​​his name.
  4.  It was clearly heard in Martínez’s statements “… we do not have a budget to replenish stationery inventory.”
  5. I hit my hand … I don’t even tell you what hurt … it was horrible.
  6. The janitor is too much … he always wants to do things in a bad way.
  7.  And then…? Are you going to call him?
  8.  We entered his house … everything was very dark … I was so scared …
  9.  He took me to dinner… it was a place… I don’t know how to describe it.
  10. I went to the market, there were many offers. Buy chicken, rice, fruits … Everything!
  11. When the river sounds… What is an example of ellipsis?

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