Language and Linguistics

Scientific study of language.No communication,no Society

  • Sign language

    Sign Language? Sign language is the natural language of Deaf people. A language that, like any other, owns and complies with…

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  • Applied Linguistics

    Applied Linguistics Applied Linguistics is a multidisciplinary discipline that was born in the 60s. It is an autonomous discipline recognized…

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  • Myths about learning English

    7 myths about learning English Language is a social phenomenon.Some people think that language learning is very easy.There are some…

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  • Clinical linguistics

    Clinical linguistics Clinical Linguistics is a new field of application of linguistics. Official recognition in the United Kingdom in 1972, is…

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  • What is Biolinguistics?

    What is Biolinguistics? Biolinguistics is a young discipline (no more than 50 years of history), highly multidisciplinary, whose objective is…

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  • Language and its structure

    Language: Definition, Architecture, Structure and Social Contexts The language is a cognition that really makes us human, is one of the most…

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  • Photo of Linguistic Anthropology

    Linguistic Anthropology

    Linguistic Anthropology   The linguistic anthropology or linguistics anthropological studies human languages.Anthropology discipline that deals with the study of the diversity of…

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  • Photo of Psycholinguistics


    Psycholinguistics Psycholinguistics is an area of ​​interdisciplinary knowledge between linguistics and psychology; Its main object of study is the relationship established…

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  • Photo of Sociolinguistics


    Sociolinguistics.   Sociolinguistics is the Scientific field that concerns linguistics and sociology.There are four types: phonetic-phonological variation, syntactic variation, lexical…

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  • Photo of Historical linguistics

    Historical linguistics

    Historical linguistics   The historical linguistics or diachronic linguistics and sometimes comparative linguistics or comparative ) is the discipline of linguistics that studies language change over time and the…

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