Best marketing skills with15 most valued skills on the market

What is marketing?

Here we will explain you about the Best marketing skills with15 most valued skills on the market.

Marketing is a discipline that helps a company, brand or person achieve their objectives.

Marketing is not just selling but its meaning is deeper. It is the discipline that is responsible for the study of market behaviors and consumer needs in order to attract, capture, retain and retain them by satisfying their needs and desires.

Among the characteristics of marketing we can point out that there is an exchange between peers or teams in order to satisfy a need. In addition, the existence of added value that attracts the client and constant communication with our clients through various technological channels.

15 most valued skills on the market

Below are 15 most valued skills on the market.

1. Ability to work in a virtual environment

Among the most valued skills for 2021, the ability to work in a virtual environment has already been highly demanded this year. The adversities imposed by the pandemic caused our work environment to be redefined.

In this sense, those who were able to work remotely had to adapt to this new condition . With that, professional relationships started to happen exclusively online.

Thus, those professionals who managed to reconcile a remote work routine, participating in video calls and virtual presentations, have good chances to stand out in the next year.

It is worth remembering that, even if the Covid-19 vaccine arrives, experts are betting that the professional world will no longer be the same and that the home office is here to stay.

2. Collaboration and teamwork

Another skill well practiced in 2020 will also be required in 2021. Working as a team — even from a distance — will never be more important. The collaboration between the teams will be highly valued. Also, actions such as teaching, supporting and listening will emphasize work relationships .

In this way, the professional who manages to develop the coach mentality, that is, know how to listen, have empathy, demonstrate courage and collaborate to solve problems, will easily be noticed by companies.

3. Critical thinking

This skill has already been valued by companies looking for people capable of analyzing different scenarios and proposing solutions . In 2021, critical thinking will be even more important, as the post-pandemic world will present new challenges for companies.

In addition, teams will need to demonstrate capacity for innovation, flexibility and creativity to face unforeseen events.

4. Flexibility and time management

In 2020, much was said about the new normal . But it is clear that we have little certainty about the future. We even bet on strategic planning to organize the post-Corvid return.

In this uncertain scenario, one of the most valued skills for 2021 will be flexibility and time management. The market will value those professionals capable of dealing with transformations and sudden changes.

Likewise, employees with control over time, who know how to manage their demands will be highlighted in organizations. Therefore, prioritizing tasks and maintaining productivity, whether in face-to-face work or in the home office, will be well-received by managers.

5. Resilience and adaptability

The professional environment often poses challenges and some pressure. In this sense, it is important to have the ability to recover and remain “intact” and productive in the face of difficulties, the so-called resilience.

This is because organizations want to have on their staff those people willing to overcome obstacles, persist and move forward.

6. Dedication

We know that 2020 was not an easy year and it presented many challenges. And no one should be punished for feeling discouraged at some point. However, good professionals continued to apply the same level of dedication they demonstrated before the pandemic.

For this reason, we are betting on dedication as one of the most valued skills in 2021. Therefore, the employee must remain productive and keep up-to-date with their deliveries.

7. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

The exercise of putting yourself in another’s shoes to understand and feel what they feel is called empathy. It is essential to manage teams and customer relationships in situations where it is necessary to negotiate or hear complaints.

It is a welcome quality in personal and professional life and should be practiced by everyone, but especially by managers.

Furthermore, it is expected that leaders know how to recognize the particularities of each team member , perceive their problems and limitations. For that, you need to have emotional intelligence .

Another soft skill that will be highly valued in companies in 2021, as hierarchy cannot be above humanity.

8. Creativity and innovation

Being creative and knowing how to innovate are differentials in the corporate world. And that will also be true next year. Thus, employees will continue to adapt to the digital world, reinventing their deliveries and developing solutions.

But it is clear that creativity is not a natural gift. However, it can be developed and leaders must assist in this process, providing information, knowledge and the opportunity to practice .

Finally, the ability to innovate will also continue to be a competitive factor in the market. Therefore, this ability to find solutions quickly will be a career differential.

9. Leadership

The leadership can not be left out of the most valuable skills to 2021. In this sense, the characteristics of a leader are perceived when he communicates well and has facility for teamwork .

Leaders are creative and practice empathy in the company’s daily life. They also take on responsibilities, face challenges, engage, support their teams and know how to extract the best from people.

10. Ability to analyze data

Analyzing data has always been a common practice in companies. After all, they are guided by the achievement of goals and the search for results .

Luckily for organizations, the technological universe has countless ways to measure data faithfully , especially in relation to sales, target audience, engagement, views, interests, profiles, among others.

Therefore, among the most valued skills for 2021, we point out the ability to analyze data. So, look for this expertise to stand out professionally.

11. Communication

In your company, everyone speaks the same language and that means communicating well, right? Wrong! Good communication in the workplace goes even further. To work, ideas must be well conveyed and accurately interpreted .

Thus, whether in internal or external dialogue, with suppliers, customers and partners, communication needs to flow.

In this sense, the individual who knows how to listen, write well and behave properly in the different situations that daily life offers, will be well rated to be a successful professional in 2021.

12. Continuous learning

Curious, proactive and willing to learn employees will make a difference in the new year’s scenario. And companies will value these skills even more. That’s why we cite continuous learning — also called agile learning — as a key competency for the 2021 workforce.

Companies already know this and should provide conditions for this skill to develop. Only then can they continue to be competitive. Those who develop this behavioral competence are able to update their technical competences. Think about it!

13. Self-management

It represents the ability to perform your professional tasks without the personal supervision of superiors. This skill can be a challenge for people who are conservative or procrastinating , but it will be essential to have it by 2021.

Thus, to achieve this competence, it is essential to organize the routine with discipline, in order to meet goals and objectives without the need for demands or reprimands. Therefore, invest in your self-responsibility and self-management capacity to be a desired professional in 2023.

14. Solving complex problems

The 14th most valued skill for 2021 has been on the soft skills ranking for a long time. But that doesn’t mean she should be left out of our list. We know that the market expects professionals to know how to research and delve into the challenges imposed by the business, solving more complex and structural problems .

In this context, to reach this level, invest with dedication in the study of logic and get a general idea of ​​the business scenario.

15. Notion of Growth Hacking

It’s about the ability to work, experiment and test with a focus on business growth. Having this ability in 2021 will be a great differentiator for companies. But to exercise it, the professional needs to have better practices, built from hypotheses and experiments.

Growth Hacking looks for ways for the enterprise to grow in a short period of time and with lean budgets . Being a growth hacker (or growth specialist) will make you a pro with a lot of possibilities in the coming year.

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