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Apotheosis usages synonyms antonyms in detail


The word apotheosis is an adjective that is used to designate something that has been great or spectacular; that is to say, worthy of apotheosis. It is widely used in the artistic milieu to describe a singer, speaker, musician, dancer, conductor, orchestra, choir, actor, or actress whose performance has been simply brilliant and deserving of acclaim. In this article we will provide you examples of apotheosis.

It is also used to describe something big and bombastic, such as a structure or an event with a notable cultural impact. Its feminine equivalent is “apotheosis” and has the same meaning and use.

In the same way, the word has to do with the collective acclaim achieved by that person, fact, or object worthy of such praise. Apotheotic and apotheotic can also be used, although it is less common. It means something worthy of apotheosis.

Meaning and origin

The adjective has its origin in the apotheosis ceremony, whose roots are found in Ancient Greece. The apotheosis was the ritual by which someone, usually an emperor or empress, was raised to the gods.

This ceremony is based on the belief that those most full of virtue (in the Greek sense) had the right to be exalted and equated with the gods after their death.

Not only the Greeks practiced this type of rites and had these beliefs. Other civilizations of antiquity, such as the Egyptian, the Persian and the Assyrian, hailed their illustrious dead (almost always the rulers) and placed them among their divinities. The Romans inherited this practice from the Greeks.

These rituals of apotheosis included great and pompous celebrations, also tributes to the deceased. In some cultures, these tributes included the sacrifice of animals and humans.


The word apotheosis and its corresponding qualifier, apotheosis, etymologically come from a conglomeration of Greek wordsapo , which means intensity; teo , which is equivalent to god or divine; and osis which can be translated as formation.

Apotheosis in art

Apotheoses and apotheosis events have been the subject of painting, performing arts, and literature throughout the centuries. In European Baroque painting there are numerous apotheoses of Christian martyrs.

Despite having a mythological origin, Christendom adopted this theme for pictorial representations, in order to show the ascension to the kingdom of heaven of a martyr. In these types of paintings the saint in question is usually shown rising among the clouds while angels accompany him with trumpets and a play of lights.

In the performing arts, especially in the theater and opera, the final scene of an act or number that is represented in a bombastic and grandiose way is called apotheosis, achieving great applause from the public.

Below are the examples of apotheosis.


  • – Dazzling.
  • – Triumphant.
  • – Commendable.
  • – Praise.
  • – Magnificent.
  • – Victorious.
  • – Grandiose.
  • – Flamboyant.
  • – Spectacular.
  • – Shocking.
  • – Pompous.
  • – Admirable.
  • – Extraordinary.
  • – Marvelous.
  • – Huge.
  • – Lavish.
  • – Colossal.


  • – Dull.
  • – Insignificant.
  • – Opaque.

Examples of use

  1. – The band did one last concert before finishing the tour, it was tremendous.
  2. – José recited his poem tremendously.
  3. – Caracas had a tremendous basketball game.
  4. – In the contest, presentations that do not reach the apotheosis are not expected, those that do not will be discarded.
  5. – Mariana was tremendous in her speech this afternoon in front of the employees.
  6. – The fashion show at the mall was tremendous.
  7. – The choir delighted us at the end of the work with a tremendous number.
  8. – The individual exhibition of the artist is tremendous.
  9. – The La Scala theater lit up at night was a tremendous vision for me.
  10. – The presentation you did at the company was tremendous.
  11. – The concert ended with a tremendous piano solo.
  12. – The new measure taken by the president has had a tremendous reception among citizens.

We hope that you have understood the examples of apotheosis.

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