Declarative sentences examples

Declarative sentences

The declarative sentences  (or declarative ) are used to give accurate and specific information. In these types of sentences, there is a certain distance between the author and the reader since the main objective is to provide information and affirm a specific fact. For example: Tomorrow we are going on vacation. In this article we are describing the declarative sentences with examples.

Declarative sentences can be used in both written and oral language. In addition, these sentences are widely used in journalistic or informative stories.

There are two types of declarative sentences: affirmative and negative.

The sentence is a theoretical construction of the language that defines a minimum grammatical unit. The statement, on the other hand, is the concrete communicative unit, in which a series of elements underlie, among them, the intentions of the speaker.

But it happens that the statements are expressed through sentences. That is why, depending on the intention of the speaker, sentences can be classified into different types.

The most common are precisely the enunciative sentences, which aim to express something concrete, to inform or communicate by focusing on what is said, without letting any particular attitude of the enunciator show through. ABC of Grammar Declarative sentences

In declarative sentences, the importance of the question of what is being talked about, and can refer to something that has happened, something that happens all the time or something that will happen.

Examples of declarative sentences

  1. This week we are going to visit aunt.
  2. The president is considering not running for office in the next election.
  3. Going out to sail relaxes me from all my pressures.
  4. Tomorrow winter ends.
  5. Last week we toured all the neighboring cities.
  6. The city of Marrakesh is the most beautiful I saw.
  7. My name is Felicitas, but they call me Feli.
  8. I don’t understand how you can date him.
  9. I am fully opposed to that bill.
  10. The sum of the squares of the legs is equal to the square of the hypotenuse.

Examples of affirmative declarative sentences

  1. Catalina is my sister-in-law.
  2. The warehouse opens at 5 in the afternoon.
  3. The car is very big.
  4. That’s Juan’s dog.
  5. Today dawned cloudy.
  6. The bags are on the counter.
  7. My name is Ramiro.
  8. My mom is in the kitchen.
  9. It’s 5 pm.
  10. Her name is Romina.

Examples of negative declarative sentences

  1. Antonia did not want to accompany me to the square.
  2. Carla is not tall.
  3. Carlos is not at the movies.
  4. The apartment was not very large.
  5. The watch is not broken.
  6. The trees had no leaves.
  7. Marta has never missed classes.
  8. My mother will sing at 10 o’clock.
  9. They didn’t let us do the work.
  10. I had no return from the warehouse.

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